The first two can be found on ground level, though the second one is tucked in a small alley between two buildings. Here's what you'll find in GameSpot's Assassin's Creed II Game Guide: If you're going to be an assassin, you're going to have to fight like one. There are three caged groups of mercenaries scattered around the city, with each one being marked on your map. If he takes off running, take off after him and tackle him to the ground, allowing you to kill him. As such, you may have to avoid flying directly toward your destination, and instead steer from fire to fire, while heading in the general location of the Palazzo Ducale. After Rosa boards the Gondola, you'll have to follow it up the canal from the sidelines, taking down the enemies along the way. For the most part, you only have to steer around any objects you might hit head-on. You can either kill them, or simply run away toward the marked destination. Now you'll have to battle him head-on, though you're joined by several other Ezios. Finally we found the assassin's tomb. As the game suggests, you can simply drop a smoke bomb and hightail it out of there. I'm having trouble with this tomb on AC2, and it's the last one... Once i chase the guard, and he closes to big door i can't find out what to do. Or, if you have any smoke bombs, consider dropping them to grab the chest unfettered. Check your map to see if you can spot one--if so, just head for him and take him down.
The thieves should have no trouble keeping up, so long as they don't run into any guards, so try and take them out as you come across them.

There's a haystack in the souther-most corner of the area that's perfect for hiding--just use care in evading the guards as you head there. Try to not draw attention to yourself while en route (either avoid or kill the rooftop guards).

Now leap from the coffin to a pole on the left, which will drop you onto a platform containing a second switch--pull it to open a door below. Once you've spotted him, try and drop down behind him for a quick assassination. Now sporting a much more diverse range of missions, there's plenty of opportunity to find yourself in a challenge seemingly insurmountable. In addition, if you're surrounded by several enemies, try grabbing one and tossing him into others to knock them back. Discover the Assassin's Tomb inside the catacombs under Santa Maria Novella. For the third, you'll have to clamber up a tall tower. Here's a few quick tips to keep in mind. Follow Mario until he gives you a letter you should read. You may want to drop one by the entrance into the abbey, then engage your 'Eagle Vision' to easily spot Stefano in the back. Like usual, we recommend sticking to the rooftops as you head for it, but watch out for some archers stationed throughout the city. Then grab him again as he attempts to stand back up and repeat--it will take a while, but this is the best way to inflict damage. Once you've cleared the guards out, take down Jacopo for good. How come Aya has a tomb in ac2 in Italy while her actually body was buried in Egypt in origins ?

The stacked boxes dead ahead provide a convenient route to the rooftops. You can "blend" in among any travelling groups of people out on the streets, so do so whenever you wish to remain incognito. If you get too close, you'll alert the soldiers guarding him, failing the mission. You'll want to keep moving immediately afterward though, otherwise victims may try to fight you or alert others of your presence. Archived.

As you scale the wall by jumping, simply tap and hold "B" (360) or "O" (PS3) at the peak of each jump to grab the ledge above. After inflicting enough damage on Dante, he'll take off down the street, past a line of soldiers. Still have questions? As you chase after the murderer, he'll stop on occasion to slaughter someone else, giving you a chance to shoot him from afar. He's quick, but he'll often get caught up on something, giving you a prime opportunity to murder him in kind.

Drop the box there to complete the mission. As you try and exit through the now-open door, the last remaining guard will attempt to run away. Take a leap of faith into the hay below, then chase after Francesco! You have one-minute to get to Santa Maria Novella. Head for the green area marked on your map and look for the target person in the northwest corner--if you use your eagle vision, he'll be highlighted with a golden color. How come Aya has a tomb in ac2 in Italy while her actually body was buried in Egypt in origins ? Luckily, that's plenty of time. Failing that, you can also push most of them into the river for another easy victory.

Now that you have the Medici Cape, Medici guards will not take notice of you, nor will your notoriety rise when in the cities of Florence or Tuscany--sweet! Like the last time you fought him, you're best off grabbing and throwing him, then kicking him while he's down, repeating the process before he can fully stand back up. Use the rooftops to reach the jail on which the tower resides, so as to not alert the guards to your presence.
The next two are each guarded by several soldiers, and so far as we can tell, are impossible to grab without alerting them.

Make sure to swim below the surface back to shore, then take to the rooftops as you head for the next target. Because it's in a restricted area, it's best to approach from the river--enter it outside the restricted area, then swim under the surface up to the boat. Sidle along it to the left and wait for a patrolling guard to walk near for an easy assassination.

Here's the deal: There are three rounds, and you have to collect the flag in each one before your opponent and return it to your base. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? There are four codex pages scattered around and outside the city's walls, all of which are marked on your map. Simply dart for a side-street and onto a rooftop as soon as you can--use your mini-map to keep an eye on the guards' locations, as well as potential hiding spots (the blue dots) you can duck into, such as hay stacks or rooftop hutches. As you approach, you'll notice a cage at ground level--that's where the thieves are held. What city is it in, and where? Drop inside and take down the weak ones with simple counter-attacks, then take down the armored ones by strafing behind them for an easy kill. 1 year ago. The last one will be in venice, you will be able to find it as soon as you gain access to the area of the city where it is. Once there, purchase the only two items he has: the leather Greaves and the dagger. Before long, Rodrigo will run off like a little girl--use Eagle Vision to spot the room he's hiding in, where you'll fight him for the last time.

Once they're, he'll give you some throwing knives, then head off to distract the guards. After finding him, some dude will run up and steal your money. Now keep in mind that the Palazzo is in a restricted area, meaning you'll undoubtedly have a run-in with a few guards. Thankfully, we've prepared a walkthrough that provides a step-by-step overview for every story mission this game has to offer.

Stun 4 guards at once by throwing sand in their face. If you choose to battle them, countering's the easiest method in which to dispatch them. You'll face-off against several lowly opponents one at a time. There are three ways to reduce your notoriety. Once in each location, simply tap the "attack" button to do them in. To paddle, simply tap and hold "B" (360) or "O" (PS3) just long enough to perform a full row, then release and do it again. Cross through and continue your trek up to a second lever, opening a door below. These are both faster and more effective than stand-alone punches, so practice your timing! Sounds easy, right?

If I order a game from the store and download it. After jumping the gap, you'll fall off the horse once more--kill the guards using the usual 'block and counter' technique. Follow it into the tunnel at the end to watch a couple of cutscenes, then carry Rosa down a corridor and set her on a table to complete the mission. To ditch them, board your horse and then simply gallop away! © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY.

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