The Bible never separates them. Noah and his family were “saved through water” in the flood, (2 Pet. “And in what way are we saved? “And if any one seek for divine authority in this matter, though what is held by the whole Church, and that not as instituted by Councils, but as a matter of invariable custom, is rightly held to have been handed down by apostolical authority, still we can form a true conjecture of the value of the sacrament of baptism in the case of infants, from the parallel of circumcision, which was received by God’s earlier people, and before receiving which Abraham was justified, as Cornelius also was enriched with the gift of the Holy Spirit before he was baptized.” Augustine, On Baptism against the Donatist, 4:24:31 (A.D. 400). (3) Heb. However, the theory doesn’t stand up in practice. This is another example of healing based on another’s faith. Those in the house had to be sprinkled. Titus 3:5-6 – Paul writes about the “washing of regeneration,” which is “poured out on us” in reference to water baptism. See John 1:31; cf. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. In this case, “baptisei” refers to a “pouring” out over the head. Exodus 12:24-28 – the Passover was based on the parent’s faith. Rom. He lost God’s favor when he strayed.” Ambrosiaster, Commentaries on thirteen Pauline Epistles, Rom 5:12 (A.D. 384). They indeed deserve our wailing, they deserve our groans; they are outside the Palace, with the culprits, with the condemned: for, ‘Verily I say unto you, Except a man be born of water and the Spirit, he shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven.’ Mourn for those who have died in wealth, and did not from their wealth think of any solace for their soul, who had power to wash away their sins and would not.” John Chrysostom, Homily on Philippians, 3:24 (A.D. 404). This demonstrates that the receipt of grace is not dependent upon the age of reason. Baptism and communion (while they were not dispensed with altogether) remained unnecessary symbols of our inner faith. “[T]he birth by water and the Spirit, Himself led the way in this birth, drawing down upon the water, by His own baptism, the Holy Spirit; so that in all things He became the first-born of those who are spiritually born again, and gave the name of brethren to those who partook in a birth like to His own by water and the Spirit.” Gregory of Nyssa, Against Eunomius, 2:8 (A.D. 382). I have baptized you with water; but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit. We have inherited Adam’s sin from the moment of our conception. “Every soul, then, by reason of its birth, has its nature in Adam until it is born again in Christ; moreover, it is unclean all the while that it remains without this regeneration; and because unclean, it is actively sinful, and suffuses even the flesh (by reason of their conjunction) with its own shame.” Tertullian, On the Soul, 40 (A.D. 208). Wherefore flee to the waters, for this alone can quench the violence of fires. 10:22 – in baptism, our hearts are sprinkled clean from an evil conscience (again, dealing with the interior of the person) as our bodies are washed with pure water (the waters of baptism). “For if no one can enter into the kingdom of Heaven except he be regenerate through water and the Spirit, and he who does not eat the flesh of the Lord and drink His blood is excluded from eternal life, and if all these things are accomplished only by means of those holy hands, I mean the hands of the priest, how will any one, without these, be able to escape the fire of hell, or to win those crowns which are reserved for the victorious? This was based on the parent’s faith. Psalm 51:5 – I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin did my mother conceive me. Some one will say. 2 Kings 5:14 – Naaman dipped himself seven times in the Jordan, and his flesh was restored like that of a child. If, then, death be the debt of all, we must be able to endure the payment. Finally, even if this was a baptism by immersion, the verse does not say that baptism by immersion is the only way to baptize. Through this sacrifice, God has re-opened the doors to heaven, and through baptism, we are once again made children of God. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Gen. 2:17 – the day you eat of that tree, you shall die. “But if any one were to think that the earthy image is the flesh itself, but the heavenly image some other spiritual body besides the flesh; let him first consider that Christ, the heavenly man, when He appeared, bore the same form of limbs and the same image of flesh as ours, through which also He, who was not man, became man, that “as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.’ For if He bore flesh for any other reason than that of setting the flesh free, and raising it up, why did He bear flesh superfluously, as He purposed neither to save it, nor to raise it up? “And in the Gospel our Lord Jesus Christ spoke with His divine voice, saying, “Except a man be born again of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.” This is the Spirit which from the beginning was borne over the waters; for neither can the Spirit operate without the water, nor the water without the Spirit…Unless therefore they receive saving baptism in the Catholic Church, which is one, they cannot be saved, but will be condemned with the carnal in the judgment of the Lord Christ.” Council of Carthage VII (A.D. 258). In three immersions, then, and with three invocations, the great mystery of baptism is performed, to the end that the type of death may be fully figured, and that by the tradition of the divine knowledge the baptized may have their souls enlightened. But this verse does not support a “believer’s baptism” requirement for everyone. Martyrs are baptized by blood. Now He would not have come to do away, by means of that same [image], the disobedience which had been incurred towards our Maker if He proclaimed another Father. '” Augustine, On Nature and Grace, 4 (A.D. 415). '” Athanasius, Against the Arians, I:51 (A.D. 358). He that woke Lazarus who was four days dead and already stank, shall He not, O man, much more easily raise thee who art alive? Therefore, baptism is for babies as well as adults. There is no hot tub or swimming pool for immersion. “And with reason; for as we are all from earth and die in Adam, so being regenerated from above of water and Spirit, in the Christ we are all quickened.” Athanasius, Discourse Against the Arians, III:33 (A.D. 360). A.D. 440-461], To Rusticus, Epistle 167 (A.D. 459). “ Hence, the verse demonstrates that baptism is salvific (it saves us), and deals with the interior life of the person (purifying the conscience, like Heb. It follows that if there is any grace in the water, it is not of the nature of the water, but of the presence of the Spirit.” Basil, On the Spirit, 15:35 (A.D. 375). Baptism is never limited to adults and those of the age of reason. This directly points to the more perfect new covenant, where water cleanses our SOUL of the blight of sin. Ezek. 15:21 – for by one man came death. 36:25 – Ezekiel prophesies that God “will ‘sprinkle’ clean water on you and you shall be clean.” The word for “sprinkle” is “rhaino” which means what it says, sprinkle (not immersion). 10:22 – from an evil conscience (interior) / 1 Peter 3:21 – for a clear conscience (interior). “And that the writer was speaking of baptism is evident from the very words in which it is stated that it is impossible to renew unto repentance those who were fallen, inasmuch as we are renewed by means of the laver of baptism, whereby we are born again, as Paul says himself: ‘For we are buried with Him through baptism into death, that, like as Christ rose from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we, too, should walk in newness of life. For it is better that they should be unconsciously sanctified than that they should depart unsealed and uninitiated.” Gregory Nazianzen, Oration on Holy Baptism, 40:28 (A.D. 381). Fearest thou the Seal on account of the weakness of nature?” Gregory Nazianzen, Oration on Holy Baptism, 40:17 (A.D. 381). “Polycarp declared, ‘Eighty and six years have I served Him, and He ne… Jesus says nothing about being too young to come into the kingdom of God. Why encourage people to “put up their hand, get up out of their seat, and come forward?” It’s because they realize that we need physical actions, religious ceremonies, and rituals to help us accept the gift of salvation that is being offered, and they must accept that it is through these physical responses that salvation is accepted, and therefore that the physical responses are effective and necessary. “We are circumcised not with a fleshly circumcision but with the circumcision of Christ, that is, we are born again into a new man; for, being buried with Him in His baptism, we must die to the old man, because the regeneration of baptism has the force of resurrection.” Hilary of Poitiers, Trinity, 9:9 (A.D. 359). 2:15 – hold fast to the tradition of the Church, whether oral or written. “We do baptize infants, although they are not guilty of any sins.” John Chrysostom, Ad Neophytos (A.D. 388). But there is nothing in the Scriptures about a requirement for ALL baptism candidates to profess their own belief in Christ (because the Church has baptized babies for 2,000 years). Isaiah 44:3 – the Lord pours out His water and His Spirit. And when he came up out of the water, immediately he saw the heavens opened and the Spirit descending upon him like a dove; and a voice came from heaven, "Thou art my beloved Son; with thee I am well pleased.".

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