I hope it turned out well!! I used canned coconut sweetened condensed milk and it make a tasty substitutes in this recipe. So any cakes exposed to that heat for longer than a few minutes will start to melt. It’s stable at room temp. I know you said best to make and use day of. Brown sugar weighs much much more than powdered sugar, so by volume it may seem like a lot less but that’s the correct amount. It is very kind of you and helpful to the rest of us. Thank you sooooo much for making them. This incorporates a ton of air into the butter. I can’t wait to try it .I have two questions 1) In the UK here we have whipping cream and pouring cream which one do I use? So good and easy to use!! Print Recipe. Question…do you store the cake in fridge after decorating then pull out perhaps an hour prior to serving? I’d suggest transferring the buttercream from the freezer to the fridge the day before you plan to thaw it, to help it gradually thaw. I let my frosting sit out overnight, and found it had developed air bubbles overnight. It’s After weighing out ingrediants, put them all in the bowl. Thank you. It may be your that you leavener is expired (baking soda or baking powder), that the butter and sugar were over-beaten, or that the oven temperature was off (use an oven thermometer). A delicious and tangy buttercream frosting for cakes and cupcakes.

If you swap out half the butter for shortening, it makes the frosting a lot more stable and easier to decorate with. I would say 1 day. It doesn’t crust the same way american buttercream does, but it will keep its shape at room temp.

I have tried many frosting ones before and never liked the taste…it being too sweet. Would this hold up in a4 hour drive in a car?

Hi Tessa, 2 questions, if making a cake ahead to take somewhere, how long would the Swiss meringue buttercream be ok on the cake in fridge?

and when i pipe it it wont hold. You can also add in powdered sugar (1/2 cup at a time) to thicken your frosting, and bring it together. HI!

This frosting is nice, but loose.

Excellent, Kate! Sure it's gorgeous stuff but there's an extra step of cooking the egg whites and sugar together. This post is much appreciated as I have yet to find “the perfect buttercream ” (I haven’t tried this yet).

If you’re doing buttercream rosettes or smaller swirls, it should be enough for 2 dozen. I looooove cooking but baking is new territory for me. Why do you whip the butter in this buttercream but not your ABC? I discuss my thoughts and advice on that in the post Hope that helps, happy baking!

I love your recipes and guides! .

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