Do you want to go into business? Pick any major under the sun. I'm about to start studying physics this fall in the US. A teacher? In a somewhat gradual way, probably as an undergraduate. This is good for someone who doesn't mind unbelievable amounts of complexity. Lo and behold, the area of physics that now interests me the most is computationally driven, and part of me wishes I had actually done CS because programming is the part that interests me the most. Having only a bachelor’s degree will make it hard to find a job. Do you want to be a programmer? Beverly, MA, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth That said, I have always found programming and the whole software development gig very appealing, and that's sort of where I have always imagined myself in 20 years or whatever. Register now for our scholarship giveaway, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Copyright © 2020 Carnegie Dartlet. The two complement each other beautifully. 3. They are employed in many fields, from academia and government agencies to laboratories and the private sector. I will. Engineering majors often make the most money with only a bachelor's degree. They tend to be found only in industry. The careers doing actual research in physics can be extremely competitive. What Kind of Engineering Do You Want to Major In? Tags: Would you rather discover (1) or invent (10)? For every engineering type, there is a technologist; whatever field you would choose as an engineer would be the field you choose as a technologist. In fact, any inanimate object that moves was probably designed with the help of a mechanical engineer. Industry may or may not want any given major, depending on how much money they can get out of it; the best major for an industry career is probably chemistry. STEM In Denmark you must commit to a major in the process of applying, and most of the subjects you take are predetermined, so it is relatively difficult to use trial and error or to reconsider once you've been admitted. Get a Business degree. If you like computer science, you could always get a minor in physics or vice versa. People always need computer science people :). 5 years ago. I'm a senior pursuing a degree in physics. If they want to study fish (ichthyology), they should study biology or the like. Job experience is much more important than schooling for engineers, and yet they are known for having some of the toughest majors at the bachelor's level. They work practically and design things hands-on. Scientists look less for practical applications than an understanding of their field and adding new knowledge. Physics, biology, and chemistry are the most common and well-known disciplines in science and are all popular majors before specializing. Im going to have to say go for CS, but I'm a little bias lol, Edit: missed the part about grtting a minor, but I would choose CS, Computer science major here coming in to throw my two cents at ya. They are paid as well as Business majors. Technologists often only need associate degrees, though a bachelor's would look appetizing to many employers. I will now break up the four major categories so you can learn more about the careers and specializations within. Just don't forget that you want to do something that you like, not because Youl make good money. Try to figure out what you'd like to do as a career first. Do you want to be a lawyer? 13–21: Scientist: Science is generally theoretical also but is often at least about the "real world" and less about the ideas of mathematics. Study some sort of life science. CollegeXpress has everything you need to simplify your college search, get connected to schools, and find your perfect fit. No matter where they go, electrical engineers are often paid very well. North Dartmouth, MA, Community Service Scholarship for Multicultural Students, States with the Fewest Number of Four-Year Undergraduate Institutions, The Experts' Choice: Best College Planning Websites, Four-Year Schools in Texas with Articulation Agreements, A Community Service: Sharing Scholarships With Others, College Search Q&A: Partnership With Native Americans, How to Write About Bullying in Your College Essay, by Dawson VoreCollegeXpress Student Writer Technicians and technologists are the most applied group in STEM. I'm studying it because it not only teaches "how the universe works," it teaches crucial problem solving skills. 2. But I suppose it is something that is relatively easy to do and benefit from on your own what with all the online resources that exist today. Well, I do at least. The subreddit for discussion related to college. The answer is obvious (to me): Without algorithms there would be no Physics! They solve problems to real-world applications. Choosing between a physics or computer science major. For the following questions, give yourself a rating of 1–10: 4–12: Mathematician: Mathematicians work with a lot of theory and target very few practical applications. They are most often found in academia as professors, in technical fields or finance, or as teachers. 32–40: Technologist: Technologists are the nitty-gritty builders. All rights reserved. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That’s all right, though. They are categorized as the builders, implementers, and field engineers of the world. However, if you study mycology (fungi), don't expect to make the kind of money that a physicist does, according to The Guardian. Their government paychecks are tiny compared to more industrial majors, but their benefits and job security are unrivaled. Related fields: Aerospace, Biomechanical, Design, Automobile.

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