An electoral district in Canada, colloquially and more commonly known as a riding, is a geographical constituency upon which Canada's representative democracy is based. In general, the boundaries for the district are different from those of the federal electoral district in the same area. Noun (constituencies) (British) A district represented by one or more elected officials.

A Constituency is created for Election purposes, by the Election Commission of India,approved by the Government.An area will be defined,which may include District or Districts and the population within that area will be eligible to elect a Representative to represent them in the Parliament or the State Assembly.It has no other purpose other than the above election process. When referring to a particular legislative constituency, it is simply referred to as "Kṣetra" along with the name of the legislature, in Hindi (e.g. Relevance. Seats denote the number of persons elected/to be elected.

Gerrymandering is the manipulation of electoral district boundaries for political gain. A safe seat is one that is very unlikely to be won by a rival politician due to the makeup of its constituency. Seats denote the number of persons elected/to be elected. This is more common in assemblies with many single-member or small districts than those with fewer, larger districts. The distribution of minority groups (parties) interplays with the magnitude: an unpopular or non-campaigning party, body-wide, tends to secure a seat if they are concentrated in a district, and require less concentration if the electoral district's magnitude is greater. Elected representatives may spend much of the time serving the needs or demands of individual constituents, meaning either voters or residents of their district. Constituency is a related term of constitution. A constituency is the body of voters, which are the residents of a district, represented by an elected legislator or official. The names for electoral districts vary across countries and, occasionally, for the office being elected. John was elected to parliament from the Bedford constituency .

Each federal riding returns one Member of Parliament (MP) to the Canadian House of Commons. Many assemblies allow free postage (through franking privilege or prepaid envelopes) from a representative to a constituent, and often free telecommunications. Provincial or Territorial Electoral Districts, Changes to Federal Electoral Districts: Ridings, Why Puerto Rico Matters in the US Presidential Election. To portray by pictorial or plastic art; to delineate; as, to represent a landscape in a picture, a horse in bronze, and the like. Client politics and pork barrel politics are associated with constituency work. Conversely, a swing seat is one that could easily swing either way. Special constituencies with additional membership requirements, Wards and electoral divisions of the United Kingdom, Proportional and semi-proportional systems, local government in the Republic of Ireland, Special Administrative Region's Legislature, based on the number of votes cast in each district, House of Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina, §5: Establishment of Constituency Commission; Electoral Act, 1997, "Parliament Passes Law on Parliamentary Elections", oblast / oblast' / oblasti / oblys / obwód / voblast', List of administrative divisions by country,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The federal electoral districts are designated by a name and a five-digit district code.
Constituencies for elections are also constructed according to the population distribution within the district. Difference between district and a constituency? The word riding comes from an Old English word that meant one-third of a county. Name changes are done through legislation. Likewise, British MPs use their Parliamentary staffing allowance to appoint staff for constituency casework. This page was last edited on 8 November 2020, at 11:26. An independent commission in each province redraws the boundary lines, with some input from the public. For Example Ghaziabad is a district in the state of UP. Voting systems that seek or are called proportional representation entail multi-member districts – or leveling seats. A district is an administrative division sanctioned by the local government. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. An electoral district, also known as an election district, legislative district, voting district, constituency, riding, ward, division, (election) precinct, electoral area, circumscription, or electorate, is a subdivision of a larger state (a country, administrative region, or other polity) created to provide its population with representation in the larger state's legislative body. The terms (election) precinct and election district are more common in American English.

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The wards and electoral divisions in the United Kingdom are electoral districts at sub-national level represented by one or more councillors. 'Lok Sabha Kshetra' for a Lok Sabha constituency). Members of the U.S. Congress (both Representatives and Senators) working in Washington, D.C. have a governmentally staffed district office to aid in constituent services. Caseworkers may be employed by representatives to assist constituents with problems. In local government in the Republic of Ireland voting districts are called "electoral areas". To exhibit to another mind in language; to show; to give one's own impressions and judgement of; to bring before the mind; to set forth; sometimes, to give an account of; to describe. Election Riding: Canadian Political Glossary. (British) A district represented by one or more elected officials. Will you be leaving the country too now that Biden won? In voting systems other than general ticket, plurality block voting and certain pro-landslide party-list systems, a droop quota or threshold is recognised. District is an administrative division, whereas constituency is a political division. Constituencies in Singapore are electoral divisions which may be represented by single or multiple seats in the Parliament of Singapore.Constituencies are classified as either Single Member Constituencies (SMCs) or Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs). In a looser sense, corporations and other such organizations can be referred to as constituents, if they have a significant presence in an area. English translations given are those most commonly used. The House of Commons in Canada's Parliament, B.A., Political Science, Carleton University. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. At that time, there were 181 ridings in four provinces. As nouns the difference between district and constituency is that district is an administrative division of an area while constituency is (british) a district represented by one or more elected officials. Sometimes, particularly under non-proportional winner-take-all voting systems, electoral districts can be prone to landslide victories. A constituency relates to a body of people that hold rights and privileges within a specific boundary of lines called a district, town, city, county,state, or country.

By contrast, seats in the Cantonal Council of Zürich are reapportioned in every election based on the number of votes cast in each district, which is only made possible by use of multi-member districts, and the House of Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina, by contrast, is apportioned without regard to population; the three major ethnic groups - Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats - each get exactly five members.

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