Currently this measure applies to two products: Various committees, composed of government representatives and chaired by a European Commission representative, meet regularly to ensure that the Commission's responsibility for adopting implementing acts is exercised under the control of EU countries. Common customs tariff duties ensure that EU pork is able to compete on the internal market with non-EU countries.

World per Capita Pork Consumption 2013-2018. 1, Our website uses cookies, as almost all websites do, to help provide you with the best experience we can. European Union countries are allowed, under certain conditions, to apply rules to regulate the supply of protected designation of origin (PDO)/protected geographical indication (PGI) hams upon the request of a producer organisation, an interbranch organisation or a PDO/PGI group. Pork consumption in Europe is falling, exports are high Europe is best positioned to take advantage of China's increased demand for pork shows the latest outlook released by the European Commission. EU milk production is expected to grow, while EU and global demand for poultry will increase steadily over the outlook period. In recent years, Europeans have been paying increasing attention to the fat content of pork consumed. Follow the latest progress and get involved.

Pork imports from third countries are subject to import duties. The agri-food data portal gives market data on national and EU agriculture such as process, production, trade, tariff rate quotas. Class S means pork with the highest lean meat content, i.e. Pork imports from third countries are subject to import duties.

Producers are introducing modifications to pig farming, especially in the diet, in order to obtain meat with a lower fat content. Pork is covered by the common market organisation and has never been subject to linked payments or production quotas. with meat content in the carcass between 55 and 60%. While in 2010 a little over 30% of carcasses were classified in this way, in. The legal bases for the EU pork sector is covered by EU regulation 1308/2013 on the common market organisation and by European Commission implementing and delegated regulations on private storage during periods of crisis: The aim of the meat market observatory is to provide the EU beef, veal and pork sector with more transparency by providing up to date market data and short-term analysis. In terms of consumption amounts of animal products (i.e. This measure is aimed at ensuring the value added of quality products benefiting from a PDO or a PGI. The European Commission is not responsible for any possible use of the information contained in the campaign. Pork consumption per capita was in decline between 2011 and 2013, but data for the last two years has revealed that consumption across the EU has grown by around a kilogram, UK levy board AHDB Pork has confirmed. The graph presented by the expert during the Meat (MO) sessions shows that since 2010 the share of lass S in the volume of all pork produced has been steadily and significantly increasing. At this moment, Spain is increasing its market share in China thanks to free access of Spanish pork in this market and gains a profit of $50 over the American competitors. Press release 20 June 2019. The content of this promotional campaign reflects only the views of its author and is subject to its sole responsibility. The EU wide system of carcass classification and comparable pig prices provides the basis for objective grading of carcasses in slaughterhouses and fair payment to producers. Information on pork production, legal bases, market monitoring, trade, carcass classification, price reporting, regulation of supply of PDO/PGI ham. Line graph of changes over time in consumption per capita for poultry, cheese, fish and seafood, milk, meat, pork and beef (index: 1995 = 100) Per capita EU-27 consumption of meat, fish and dairy (by weight) — European Environment Agency In the first quarter of the year, Germany imported 1.8 million pigs from the Netherlands. Europe is best positioned to take advantage of China's increased demand for pork shows the latest outlook released by the European Commission. The overall number of pigs in Germany fell between May 2018 and 2019 by 3.7% to 25.9 million head, with fattening pigs inventory falling by 5% to 11.3 million head. This is particularly true for pork. Statistical handbook for assessing pig classification methods, This site is managed by the Directorate-General for Communication, committee for common organisation of agricultural markets, civil dialogue group and working group on animal products, Publication of evaluation support study on mandatory indication of country of origin labelling for certain meats, Commission publishes external study on future of EU livestock, EU agricultural outlook 2019-30: African swine fever continues to affect global meat market, EU agricultural outlook 2018-2030: Changing consumer choices shaping agricultural markets, EU prices for selected representative products, Evaluation support study of the common market organisations for pigmeat, poultry meat and eggs, Aid, Development cooperation, Fundamental rights, Follow the European Commission on social media.

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