hySPAN H2-S is treated against termites south of the Tropic of Capricorn. These rigid joints are generally constructed using nailed plywood gussets and on occasion, with steel gussets. of building materials (M1) FSC

Note: Some LVL members can be made with a few laminations laid up at right angles to enhance the shear strength of the member. $46.60 per metre, Regular Price: $62.40, Price Also some wood species used in Microllam® LVL production may not be appropriate to absorb the chemicals used in treatment. ARDEX K 301™ Exterior Self-Leveling Concrete Topping is a self-leveling topping and underlayment for fast-track resurfacing and smoothing for exterior and interior applications over concrete and approved, properly prepared, non-porous surfaces, including terrazzo, epoxy coatings and ceramic and quarry tile – on, above or below grade.
When the timber comes from sustainable sources, this construction method can be environmentally advantageous as it combines timber's low embodied energy with its capacity to store carbon. Our inventory consists of: 3 1/8″ width by 5 1/2″, 8 1/4″, 9 5/8″ & 12 3/8″ depths If you must add soil from an exterior source, use top soil (sometimes referred to as “blackdirt”) or grading soil. and furniture manufacturing.

This factor is of special importance for low-rise construction, as with an adequate strength reserve, LVL-based structures do not require reinforced foundations and are easy to install, i.e. Term “LVL” was introduced in 1960s by Wayerhauser (US company) who had developed this product and launched the first LVL production line ever.
certificate But today, thanks to the new technologies, the wood is really getting a new lease on life. Timber roof trusses are an ecologically sound choice, compared to conventionally pitched roofs, they use smaller dimension timbers that span greater distances and this in turn reduces the total timber volume contained within. VERSA-LAM ® laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beams and headers eliminate twisting, shrinking and splitting, and deliver flatter, quieter floors and structures. Mixing Ratio: 5 quarts (4.73 L) of water per 50 lb. Copyright © 1998-2020 engineering.com, Inc. All rights reserved.Unauthorized reproduction or linking forbidden without expressed written permission. LVL (laminated veneer lumber) is a technologically enhanced and improved high strength structural wood based material. Under the specified temperature the beam undergoes slow charring at the rate of 0.6 mm/min flatwise and 1 mm/min edgewise. Material is not subject to deformations caused by humidity variations and has low values of natural shrinkage.

That is why it’s indispensable in the construction of aquatic parks, swimming pools, agricultural and industrial structures. New hi-tech methods of wood processing have absolutely altered the properties of this material and enabled to create wood based products that multiply all the advantages of the wood and reduce all its drawbacks almost to zero. $25.25 per metre, Regular Price: This guide focuses primarily on the application process of the latter. $22.53, Price

Australia's leading distributor of building products including Structural LVL, Engineered I-Joists, OS'Brace, Glulam Beams, Plywood and Particleboard Flooring, Decking, and Outdoor Structural Timber.

The best choice for exterior use is our treated Parallam® Plus PSL. LVL properties significantly exceed those of solid wood, glulam and high-grade timber. Sales Worldwide +7 812 6120899 $103.40 per metre, Regular Price: $28.70, Price $72.79, Price

They do have a few different treatment options for LVL's. ISO 9001. Ideal for longer spans, LP SolidStart LVL is available in up to 60' lengths and resists warping, twisting, bowing and crowning. US Due to its laminated structure and production technology, LVL is an entirely homogenous material with unchangeable mechanical properties lengthwise and consistent performance irrespective of seasonal factors. $122.16, Price $29.47, Price Timber portal frames are one of the most favoured structural applications for commercial and industrial buildings whose functions necessitate long spans and open interiors. Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is a high-strength engineered wood product used primarily for structural applications. $21.53, Price

cm.) With an adequate strength reserve, reinforced foundations and bearing structures are not required. The product is produced to an industrial finish, similar to a D grade plywood face.

Each triangle is constructed with straight and usually slender members of timber, connected at the ends by joints. $49.92 per metre, Regular Price:

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