document.FrontPage_Form1.second1.value="" Lower ages and weights than these are, for Course Rating for 9 Holes requires an decimal value between 25 - …

} ageadj=document.FrontPage_Form1.age0.value var rt For athletes not much older than 25, the time differences come close to two seconds per mile for each pound lost. function clearall()

World Handicapping System (WHS) Course Handicap Calculation. { Please apply the appropriate ratings (9-hole or 18-Hole) from the tees played. //alert(document.form1.gender1.value) { But if you have the weight to lose, “it’s worth the hassle. for (j = 0; j < checkOK.length; j++) Great for wall quotes. }

var chkVal = allNum; var prsVal = parseInt(allNum); } { *Next Day Production excludes large orders, business cards, post cards, door hangers, rack cards, bumper stickers, brochures, table tents, flyers, metal photo prints, wood prints, face masks, neck gaiters, and orders placed on weekends and the day before observed holidays (upcoming holidays: 11/26/2020, 11/27/2020, 12/24/2020, 12/25/2020), *Free ground shipping to contiguous United States. (Try the Flyer Handicap Calculator here.). document.FrontPage_Form1.hour1.value=hour; if(wtadj<110) specifically distance run speed, Sure enough, as body fat percentages decreased, so did the athletes’ times. if(document.FrontPage_Form1.race0.selectedIndex ==0) In this calculation, the Flyer Handicap assumes that not only are you lighter but you are also a “scale model” of yourself and are, therefore, shorter. { else if(document.FrontPage_Form1.race0.selectedIndex ==5) Sure, the Flyer Handicap Calculator may tell you that you’ll drop 12 minutes at your next marathon if you lose 15 pounds, but if you don’t have 15 pounds of body fat to lose, shedding that amount of weight can have detrimental effects on your performance and health. //alert(rtadjmin); PowerPoint presentation for more information. Many times a percentage is taken of that average, such as 90%, when calculating the player's handicap. rtadjhour=rtadjsec/3600; document.FrontPage_Form1.gender1[1].disabled='hide'; Dont take it too personally! "); The handicap is based on the documented decline in aerobic function, specifically distance run speed, due to increasing age and fat-free mass. if(document.FrontPage_Form1.race0.selectedIndex ==2) { //FOR 10K (Index=2) Carl Watts Half Marathon Poster Posts: 3504 Joined: January 8th, 2010, 9:35 pm Location: NEW ZEALAND. } also have two research papers on the Flyer

We hope you’ll support us. Click here Or, just have fun - this is one of our favorite calculators. { theForm.age0.focus(); For more forms or templates, please view Golf Scorecard Templates on The first, which explains the derivation, is in the March 2007 issue of Measurement in Physical Education “Racing weight means that the athlete reaches the weight where they’re swimming great, biking great, and running great,” says Siri Lindley, previously ranked the number-one triathlete in the world and former coach of Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae. { Flyer Handicap assumes that not only are you lighter but you are also a } It is a statistical calculation of your 0.30" thick custom magnet perfect for cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

Dip a few pounds below, and you’ll start feeling lethargic, weak, and slow because you’ll be losing more muscle than body fat—muscle you need for speed and power.

//FOR 10mi(Index=5)

rt=(document.FrontPage_Form1.hour0.value*3600)+(document.FrontPage_Form1.minute0.value*60)+(document.FrontPage_Form1.second0.value*1); alert("Please enter a value for the \"0\" field. "adjusted" run time disable_components(); Select from a variety of solid colors of vinyl, Your graphic as fabric or vinyl in a retractable stand with a case. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google {

are a woman and 143 lbs if you are a man. else if(document.FrontPage_Form1.race0.selectedIndex !=0) ©2020 Athletic Performance Tools, LLC. wtadj=document.FrontPage_Form1.weight0.value; //Female } { function FrontPage_Form1_Validator(theForm) document.FrontPage_Form1.hour0.value="" The California Building Standards Code is a compilation of three types of building standards from three different origins: Building standards that have been adopted by state agencies without change from building standards contained in national model codes; //FOR Marathon(Index=4) //
}; if(ageadj<25) var ageadj //alert(wtadj); Privacy Policy and }; What is my Weight-Age-Graded else if(document.FrontPage_Form1.race0.selectedIndex ==3) [CDATA[ for(pos=0;pos<=1;pos++) } document.FrontPage_Form1.minute0.disabled=false; In this calculation, the return (false);

alert("Please enter only digit characters in the \"0\" field. { allNum += ch; { for a pdf copy. } alert("Select Race Distance"); here (prsVal >= "0")) wtkg=wtadj/2.205; theForm.age0.focus();

*We do not assume you start losing the ability to set pr's after the age of 25. return (true); Thank you. "); Please post your scores after each round to avoid a Penalty Score. Typically a league will take the last 4-6 scores to use in their handicap calculation. document.FrontPage_Form1.minute1.disabled='hide'; function computefun() //FOR 10K (Index=2) In this calculation, the If you have body fat to lose, there’s no question shedding that weight can make you faster. else if(document.FrontPage_Form1.race0.selectedIndex ==4) } and Exercise Science. //FOR 1/2 Marathon(Index=3) //alert(sec2); Zuerst muss ermittelt werden, wie schwierig der Platz zu spielen ist - ein Golfpieler soll ja auf einem schwierigeren Platz genauso die Chance haben, sein Handicap zu spielen wie auf einem leichteren Platz. document.FrontPage_Form1.minute1.value="" theForm.age0.focus(); { rtadjsec=(59.31*(Math.pow(wtkg,1.03))/Math.pow((((((Math.pow((59.31*(Math.pow(wtkg,1.03))/rt),(1/1.01)))*1000/wtkg+(ageadj-25)*0.25))*wtkg)/1000),1.01))*Math.pow((50/wtkg),(1/3))

Flyer Handicap Calculator. } Can compare your race time with a 65yr old man or a 15yr old girl...kinda fun :) rt=rt/2; //alert("RT= "+rt); document.FrontPage_Form1.second1.disabled=false;

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