As such you can choose the multi-tool that will suit you best. By Tanner Bowden. The Highbrow is a larger version of the Highbrow Compact. Il y en a pour tous les goûts. Découvrez notre gamme complète de couteaux et pinces multifonctions Gerber. Mais après une bonne observation, on trouve quelques différences entre les deux. With it you open the Ayako like a friction folder. An excellent premium type of steel that retains its sharpness well. The Principle is a promising knife. Carried by soldiers, hunters, and tradesmen alike, Gerber products are developed intentionally to deliver task-specific or mission-essential knives, tools, and equipment. Mais cette semaine particulière fait exception à la règle. Compared to the Fastball the difference can be found in the price. Gerber était bien sûr de la partie. With these cookies we and third parties will be able to follow your behaviour on our website. The Armbar Cork collection and Armbar Driver collection are new Gerber multi-tools. The Gerber Principle is an amazing fixed knife for bushcraft and survival purposes. We hope to have all new products in stock as soon as possible. Stay tuned! Le Gerber Principle est un excellent couteau à lame fixe pour le bushcraft et la survie. Gerber étend également sa gamme d'articles de chasse avec la nouvelle gamme Exo-Mod. The first thing you notice is the stunning handle. Gerber a également modifié le type d'acier pour une lame en 20CV. Ces couteaux sont extrêmement légers et doté d'un système d'étui à clips intelligent. La lame scandi-grind est tranchante comme un rasoir. Le Highbrow est une grande version du Highbrown Compact. As such you make sure that the knife doesn't accidentally open in your pocket. Inscrivez vous maintenant à notre newsletter et restez informé. As such you can carry multiple knives at once. The story of the LMF II is one of resilience and resourcefulness, of being on the wrong side of sticky situation and living to tell the tale. Le tout à un prix très intéressant. Once again enhanced with the pivot-lock-mechanism. With micarta and D2 steel to be precise! Whether used to Explore, Hunt, Survive, Work, or Defend, Gerber tackles the tasks of daily life head on. Awesome! Knives. En bref, le Ayako est une interprétation moderne des couteaux de poche japonais. Les gammes Armbar Cork et Drive sont les nouvelles pinces multifonction de Gerber. Une inspiration reconnaissable au design fin, au motif sur le manche et à la lame tanto. White Mountain Knives In the meantime we will be posting multiple topics about our 2020 Shot Show experiences and the newest products. This product is not available in your area. One of these brands is Gerber. Même la forme de lame Cleaver étant très tendance, Gerber a décidé d'ajouter cette forme de lame sur ce couteau. Une version avec lame noire et liners rouges et une version avec lame grise et liners bleus. Nous sommes allés les voir pour découvrir leurs nouveautés. La plus grande étant la présence d'un tire-bouchon sur le Armbar Cork, le Armbar Drive, lui, est équipé d'un excellent tournevis. This locking mechanism looks a lot like an Axis-lock. Slim, compact and multi-functional. Stay tuned! Le Ayako est un friction folder. Enjoy! Perfect for anyone who prefers a slightly smaller knife. Perhaps the most unique knife on this list is the Sumo. Avec le Asada on retrouve la lame Cleaver. One of these brands is Gerber. Upon closer inspection, however, you can tell that there is a difference between the tools. The Asada is a lot cheaper and therefore a welcome addition to the world of budget knives. There will be no less than six different versions of the Highbrow. As such there is something for everyone! Gerber Asada. At the Shot Show brands and designers show off their newest products and talk about their plans for the future. Anyone who has heard of Gerber has heard of the Flatiron. Even the openings mechanism is similar to that of these Higonokami knives. Comparé au Fastball, c'est le prix qui fait la différence. Le dos de la lame est à 90 degrés pour faire jaillir les étincelles d'un firesteel. Each sheath, as is shown in the video, is enhanced with solid press studs to make sure you can attach them to each other. Un énorme couteau doté d'un mécanisme de verrouillage Pivot lock. Start page; Skip to main navigation; Skip to content ; Contact; Skip to search; Search. The Fastball is an EDC knife produced in the States and one of the most popular Gerber knives ever produced. And all that for an amazing price! Avec ces cookies Knivesandtools et des sociétés tierces sont en mesure de suivre votre navigation sur notre site. L'un des couteaux les plus uniques de cette liste, le Sumo. As such we can offer you ads and content you might be interested in. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed! One with a black blade and red liners, and one with a grey blade and blue liners. Tout comme sur le Fastball et le Flatiron. Gerber spent a lot of time on the sheath. Le Sumo est disponible en deux versions. Clever! And you can tell! Le Asada est légèrement moins cher, il sera un excellent choix pour un budget serré. This week is a massive exception. We stopped by to find out more about what great things they have in store for 2020. At the Shot Show brands and designers show off their newest products and talk about their plans for the future. Just like the spine of the blade to make sure you can easily create sparks with a firesteel. The scandi-grind blade is razor-sharp. En 2020, Gerber lui a donné un nouveau look. Just like the Fastball Cleaver and the Flatiron. Gerber a également passé beaucoup de temps sur la conception de l'étui et ça se voit ! Toolbar navigation. Avec le Asada on retrouve la lame Cleaver. Minces, compactes et multifonctions ! Anyone who has heard of Vegas has heard of the phrase 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'.

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