There were indeed historical cases of mad kings and queens whose psychological afflictions were probably due to inbreeding, but their madness was nothing like the Targaryens' purely psychotic tendencies. Note the prominent jaw. The famous Egyptian queen probably married her own brother as a result. The lower jaw was the kicker, though, as it made Charles II seem stunted. But there was a problem.

The House of Habsburg was particularly cursed, with descendants exhibiting the notorious Habsburg chin in addition to other deformities.

Revised version accepted for publication 2 March 1988. nine successive generations of the family' (fig 1). What happens when Queen Elizabeth II dies? Hemophilia, often called ‘the royal disease,’ was passed on by Queen Victoria to a smattering of European descendants, including Alexei Romanov, the last Tsarevich of Russia. Modern model of King Tutankhamun's head. Modern science has proved that the Habsburg chin is related to inbreeding, though why it manifests itself in some offspring – but not all – continues to remain a mystery. 2005, {% $moment(article.publishedAt).format('LL') %}, The 8 Deadliest And Most Gruesome Epidemics In Human History, The Dark Origins Of The Most Terrifying Order In History, The Order Of The Assassins, The Gruesome History Of The Donner Party, Or Why Normal People Become Cannibals, The 12 Most Bizarre And Useless Beauty Hacks From History, Ivan the Terrible: How A Broken Heart Led A King To Madness And Psychosis, 7 Habits From The Middle Ages That Are Sure To Gross You Out, This French Ruler Was So Evil People Called Her The Devil’s Queen, How A Peasant Became The Most Hated Woman In France, Shakespeare Eavesdropped On Neighbors To Write His Plays, Says Historian. Queen Victoria. She often suffered delusional fits and religious obsession, and constantly dressed like a little girl. 2005Ancient Egyptians were also famous for interbreeding. They began to marry their cousins. One of the most recognizable features of the later family members was a distinct deformity: a genetic disorder where the lower jaw outgrew the upper, which resulted in an extended chin and a terrible crossbite. King Charles (Carlos) II of Spain was the last Habsburgs ruler of Spain, and thankfully so. Any psychological issues tended to be accompanied by noticeable bodily deformities, all of which ultimately rendered the victim probably infertile and completely unable to function properly in day-to-day affairs. Since she inherited the gene and developed the mutation herself, her line and intermarriage policy ensured that almost every royal corner of the Western world shared the condition. Of all the things Game of Thrones gets wrong, probably one of the most important—yet elusive—ones is the actual effects of centuries-old inbreeding. But the Habsburg dynasty crumbled like stale bread when Charles II of the Spanish Empire – the last true monarch of the line – was born. Though scoliosis is fairly common outside of incest, inbreeding makes it significantly more likely to occur even if neither of the parents has it. Wikimedia CommonsMarie-Anne, Charles II’s second wife, as painted by Diego Velazquez. Otherwise known as mandibular prognathism, there's a good reason why this particular condition is popularly called the Habsburg jaw. The physician who performed Charles' autopsy wrote that his body:Â. And, for a while, it worked. Charles II of Spain, for example, is infamous for having one of the worst instances of this condition on record. He was tragically ugly through no fault of his own, but due to the desire of his family to maintain their bloodline. He died at the age of 38, having produced no heirs. The Habsburgs’ reign was over.

Charles was born into political strife in Europe as the Habsburgs tried to control the entire continent. It is said her howling could be heard across the royal estate, and completely lost her grip on reality shortly after. In addition to inheriting the Habsburg jaw, the young royal also inherited the Habsburg lip and the Habsburg nose. Marie died in 1689 without producing an heir for Charles II. RelacionadoThe Gruesome History Of The Donner Party, Or Why Normal People Become Cannibals.

Perfect for any stationary engine fans or any petrol head! The Habsburgs ruled The Netherlands, Belgium, and parts of Germany but unfortunately, Charles II was too ugly, too deformed, and too intellectually stunted to rule Spain and its neighbors properly.

The study authors found a correlation between the two conditions, suggesting that the Habsburg jaw is really characterized by the shape of the upper lip and nose as well as the chin. We don't really see that in the show's Targaryens. Charles II’s mother was also his father’s niece. Charles V, a Holy Roman Emperor and ancestor of Charles II of Spain, who has the same prominent jaw. Their incredible status also drove them to constant incest, as they believed marriage should occur only between people of equal ranks and prestige. It has been theorized that in addition to his mental incapabilities and physical weaknesses, Charles II may have been a hermaphrodite. And by mad we don't mean believing oneself to be made of glass—just plain-old evil I-want-everyone-to-die kind of mad. Then, read about William the Conquerer, the king whose corpse exploded during his funeral. Charles II’s tongue was so huge he could barely speak. His first wife, Marie Louise of Orleans (Charles II’s second niece), came from an arranged marriage. Inbred children, though, don't have this advantage, which results in an inability to effectively combat many types of sickness. The king’s grandmother was also his aunt. Their sickly dispositions can come from a variety of causes related to inbreeding: from cranial malformations to muscular defects. This rampant multi-generational inbreeding eventually produced the deformed skulls ancient Egyptian royalty is known for. For example, Maria I of Portugal, literally known as the Mad Queen, became insane after losing two of her children, her son-in-law, and her grandson. The Habsburgs trace their origins to the Habsburg Castle in modern-day Switzerland. Charles II’s most prominent feature was his jaw, known as the Habsburg jaw, that identified him as part of his royal family. His physical disfigurements were far more than skin-deep. If you look at the archaeological busts, a particular feature stands out: strange-looking heads due to having deformed skulls, strangely elongated in the back. In all the centuries they ruled, inbreeding became the norm—and the later generations paid a steep price for it.

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