Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun and has so much to offer. I finished my project using this site.

I’m kinda sick of seeing all these comments about ‘this site sucks’ and ‘boring’ and stuff like that, at least whoever owns this site made their own website, could you guys say the same?

Miranda is made of ice that may consist of carbon dioxide and ammonia.

While it measures less than half of Earth’s. Man .. The orbital speed of Uranus is 6.6 km/sec (14,763 mi/hr). Uranus is slightly larger than Neptune but has lesser mass. Bode’s name caught on, and even inspired the naming of a newly discovered element, uranium. Uranus has 27 moons orbiting it. Required fields are marked The methane molecules break down under the extreme pressure of the liquid and ice, releasing carbon atoms that form diamonds. The circumference of Uranus is 99,786 miles or 160,590 kilometers! Planet Uranus.

Similar to gas giants, the ice giant Uranus is mostly composed of fluids with no definite solid surface. Although, given the temperatures on Uranus, it may seem more like winter lasts forever! This is why there has been no mention of Uranus sightings before William Herschel saw it through his telescope in 1781. Uranus’ big atmosphere creates some massive storms. Facts about Uranus. Like Venus, Uranus spins from east to west, which is opposite from the spin of Earth.” the website said this” 20.

Read also: 50 Unknown Facts About The Dwarf Planet Pluto. 50. The results of the survey will help NASA determine its planetary science priorities going into the future. By Benjamin Elisha Sawe on November 6 2019 in Environment. It’s also the coldest planet in the Solar System despite it not being the furthest away from the Sun. Due to Uranus having very little internal heat to complement the heat from the Sun, its atmosphere has a minimum temperature of 49K (-224.2°C; -371.56°F). Uranus was the husband of Gaia, the goddess of the Earth. In other words, Saturn was the father of Jupiter, and Uranus was his grandfather. 5. BUT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IS SAYING THE SITE COULD USE SOME MORE INFORMATION!! Uranus is considered unusual because the planet is tipped on its side. Uranus’ moon, Miranda houses the tallest known cliff in the Solar System. Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun, in between Saturn and Neptune. Year 84 Earth years. While jokes about the common pronunciation of Uranus by kids can be disruptive, it’s far better than other words they could use for that part of the body.

(multiply your actual weight by 0.89). If the mass of all the moons around the planet were added up, it probably would not match the mass of Neptune’s largest moon, Triton.


Along with the other planets, scientists have sought to learn about Uranus. A year on Uranus is equal to 84.01 Earth Years. this is so cool i whis i was a scientes and found out how to make astronots come back to earth but it will be hard cause uanus’s atmosfer, uranus has had lots of stuff shot into it and they all got shuved very far up into uranus and they got cold and frozen solid and then the planet got hard as a rock. It is also known as the ice planet due to its blueish color and chemical composition. This may have happened at the beginning of the solar system when the moons of Uranus were still balls of gas. need more info use this info In Greek Mythology, Uranus was Father Sky and was married to Gaia, Mother Earth. They are named using Greek symbols and other numerical values: 1986U2R/ζ, 6, 5, 4, α, β, η, γ, δ, λ, ε, ν, and μ. Read also: 80 Interesting Earth Facts That You Should Know About. Read also: Exoplanets Explained Facts History and Other Finds. Such a discovery has somewhat changed the way we think about the formation of planets in our solar system. He initially concluded that he had stumbled upon a comet. When Voyager 2 photographed Uranus, it was almost featureless, appearing mostly as a pale blue ball against the darkness of space. Sir William Herschel was watching Uranus through a telescope when he speculated that it was a comet and not a star.

9. where are more facts about uranus amd other things instead of why its called uranus like what the co2 level stuff like that…….

As long as a given area’s pressure exceeds one bar (the pressure of Earth at sea level), they would count it as the planet’s “surface.”. Uranus rotates sideways, but it also rotates in a retrograde direction, similar to Venus. In modern times, astrology has been replaced by astronomy, as scientists seek to learn facts about the Universe. For one, it took, 35 Meteor Facts We Bet You Dont Know About, This is certainly one of the more unexpected Uranus facts out there. He had been surveying stars, including those that were ten times dimmer than visible stars. Voyager 2 was a spacecraft that revealed many of the Uranus facts that we know today. Hey pretty good facts for my homework on the solar system but not enough. Similar to Earth, it is an oblate spheroid. A Uranus day is just over 17 hours.

However, Uranus’ aurorae appear farther from the planet, since its magnetic poles lie further apart. Uranus receives roughly 1/400th of the intensity of energy from the Sun that the Earth does. Uranus is the 7 th planet away from the Sun, and by diameter, is the third largest. It wasn’t until 70 years after its discovery that the name Uranus, proposed by Johann Elert Bode, became universally accepted. Voyager 2 found that one of the most striking influences of this sideways position is its effect on the tail of the magnetic field, which is itself tilted 60 degrees from the planet’s axis of rotation. John Flamsteed is credited for its first definite sighting.

This is certainly one of the more unexpected Uranus facts out there. These included Hypercronius (which means ‘above Saturn’) and even the dreadful Georgium Sidus (meaning ‘The Georgian Planet’) with which Herschel wanted to flatter the then-King of England George III. What is the distance from the sun to Uranus? It was only until the astronomer Anders Johan Lexell computed its orbit that Uranus got confirmed as a planet. This odd planet has an axial tilt of 97.77 degrees. How’s that for cool Uranus facts? 14. Other astronomers across Europe, including Johann Elert Bode in Germany, observed Uranus and suggested that it was a planet and not a star. OH NO MY NERDY SIDE IS SHOWING! Uranium, the chemical element, is named after the planet Uranus by Martin Heinrich Klaproth, a German chemist, in 1789. The origin of the particles forming the rings might have been from one or a number of its moons shattered due to high-speed impact.

The rocky substance on the moon is thought to be made of carbonaceous matter. Instead of opting for the conventional names derived from Greek mythology, Herschel named them after spirits in English literature—mostly the works of William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope. Both are accepted pronunciations. Unlike all the other planets named after figures in Roman mythology, Uranus borrows its name from Greek mythology. Uranus maximum distance from the Sun is 3 billion km (1.88 billion miles). The individual ring particles were found to be of low reflectivity.

When he first discovered Uranus, William Herschel had the honor of naming the heavenly body. Uranus is the seventh most distant planet in the Solar System. the temperature on the planet can get as low as -224 degrees Celsius.

It has a density of 1.27 g/cm.

10. However, the rings are not as prominent as those around Saturn.

By Benjamin Elisha Sawe on November 6 2019 in Environment. Although Uranus looks plain compared to the other giant planets, it still experiences interesting weather conditions. 19. William’s son, John Herschel, took the liberty of naming the Uranian moons. 1. That’s over four times the size of Earth!

“Uranus orbits the Sun every 84 Earth years.”. Temperatures are freezing -153 degrees C to -218 degrees C in the deeper troposphere where the clouds are. There’s a lot more to learn about fascinating Uranus and its five major rocky moons: Miranda, Titania, Ariel, Umbriel, and Oberon. I understand why this website doesn’t have any info on the landscape (to reply to mea’s comment) because uranus is a gas planet so it doesn’t have any special features. Take a closer look at the sideways planet with these Uranus facts. To date, only one exploration of the planet Uranus has been done up close. Uranus is named after a Greek god, not Roman, like other planets. The Royal Society was a preeminent group of scientists from England and other parts of the world. Uranus can be pronounced like a part of the body and this can be disruptive for learning.

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