“T2 Trainspotting”, p.483, Random House, Irvine Welsh (2008). Mates are a waste of fucking time. I did it for myself.” -- Irvine Welsh, “Good luck to progressive candidates in U.S. Senate elections against the usual rich, white, racist, women-hating pricks they run against.” -- Irvine Welsh, “It's hard to maintain both smack and crack habbits and remember to keep up mobile-phone payments.” -- Irvine Welsh, “I grew up in a place where everybody was a storyteller, but nobody wrote. I wasn’t making any kind of political statement. Welsh's thoughts and works are characterised by brutal depiction of Edinburgh life and raw Scots dialect. I just love the weather. I spend so much time on the screen when I am writing, the last thing you want to do is spend more time on the Internet looking at a screen. I believe in the battle of the sexes. We tend to be rather murky little ponds, containing many layers of suspended dirt and grime and our greatest depths are stirred by the strangest of currents. “What worries me is the professionalism of everything.”, “Ah suppose man, ah’m too much ay a perfectionist, ken? If it doesn't, you get crushed. When I get home I take some sleeping pills and within what seemed like half an hour of unconsciousness it was Monday morning again. Better to make that life as complete and enjoyable an experience as possible, in case death is shite, which I suspect it will be. If it doesn't, you get crushed. Irvine Welsh Quotes. There’s nothing worse than a violent beating from an unremarkable person. It was that kind of Celtic, storytelling tradition: everybody would have a story at the pub or at parties, even at the clubs and raves. People think if you're working class, there has to be some fascist element underneath. Irvine Welsh Quotes Scottish Novelist Born: September 27, 1961 Basically, particularly in Britain, it's a hegemonic thing that people who write tend to come from the leisure classes. You can't satirise darts, because it's hyper-real as it is; there's already enough over-the-top madness to it. We're all like the slaves in the fields now, putting on the front that says 'Everything's fine, boss' while we worry about how to make ends meet. There are no reasons. I don't really feel the need either to pander to it or to refute it. “T2 Trainspotting”, p.117, Random House, Irvine Welsh (1995). He has also directed a number of short films. It’s all okay, it’s all beautiful; but ah fear that this internal sea is gaunnae subside soon, leaving this poisonous shite washed up, stranded up in ma body. The politics of the last twenty years in Britain are liars' politics. I can take the kids out and have fun with them and look after them, and I can be Mr. Popular. There are no reasons. Good luck to progressive candidates in U.S. Senate elections against the usual rich, white, racist, women-hating pricks they run against. Basically, we live a short disappointing life; and then we die. I found myself thinking again. When you grow up in a place, you always think it's mundane. I did it for myself.”, “Some people are easier to love when you don’t have to be around them.”, “Thoughts jostled for space in my crowded brain as I struggled to give them some order which might serve to motivate my listless life.”, “There’s all this stuff that is happening in Edinburgh now, it’s a sad attempt to create an Edinburgh society, similar to a London society, a highbrow literature celebrity society.”, “When two people were in love you had to leave them to it. We realise that we’re all going to die, without really … You were what you were and you are what you are. Adapted by John Hodge from the acclaimed novel by Irving Welsh, the film was a phenomenal hit in England, Scotland, and (to a lesser extent) the U.S. For all of its comedic vitality and invigorating filmmaking, the movie is no ode to heroin, nor is it a straight-laced cautionary tale. You’re the type of sad case who preys on vulnerable, weak and stupid women in order to boost his own shattered ego. It was around the summer of 1982 when the drug problem really impacted. We're always looking for the next product that's going to change your life instead of just going out and changing your life. We run around like headless chickens looking for the next cultural fix to spiral around in before it gets appropriated somewhere else and becomes something it never was. I make out a play list for every character and buy the records they would listen to; it helps me find their personas.

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