No biography is available for Mayor John F. Street. Street, who sat next to Williams in City Council’s chambers Monday as the state senator delivered testimony on the proposed city budget, later complained again about PRWT’s losing the contract. PRWT handles maintenance, janitorial work, security, and other services at City Hall, the Municipal Services Building, One Parkway Building, and the Stout Criminal Justice Center. His relationship with the City Council was tenuous at best. Street created the Office of Health and Fitness after the city was named the fattest city in the nation by Men's Fitness magazine in 1999. Street said he learned two lessons that day: “One, that I could pick a 250-pound man up above my head,” he told Miller and Burton in the Inquirer interview, “and two, that if I wanted to be an effective leader, I would have to learn how to approach people in a way that they could accept, and not take offense.” Vowing to improve his attitude and his reputation, Street began to polish his conciliatory skills on the council, and the strategy paid off, both for his political career and his constituency. 10/26/03. “If I’m that much out of touch, maybe he doesn’t want me back.”, © 2020 The Philadelphia Inquirer, LLC Terms of Use/Privacy Policy. John Franklin Street (born October 15, 1943) is an American politician and lawyer who served as the 97th Mayor of the City of Philadelphia. Street’s district contained 67,000 residential tracts, 11,000 of which were vacant at one point. His applications were annually rejected because of his education at Oakwood College, which school officials deemed insufficient. Street immediately called for their resignation, but the three managed to hold on to their seats until the investigation was final, and a virtual war inside council chambers ensued over the next few months—with Street leading the opposition in a most vociferous manner. Taken into custody, Street was transported to the station house in a police van. “I spent almost no time accumulating any personal wealth.”, But for Street, the antagonistic newcomer challenging the entrenched Philadelphia political system, his entry into municipal politics was blessed, in the first month in office, by the advent of Abscam. Neighborhoods Secretary Alphonso Jackson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, [where he joined Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, Philadelphia Mayor John Street, and other o... more. “We are sedentary. This website is developed as a part of the world's largest public domain archive,, and not developed or endorsed by the U.S. National Archives. [citation needed]. [5], Street was chosen unanimously by members of the Council to serve as President in 1992, after incumbent Joe Coleman retired, and was re-elected in 1996. Rendell, barred by the city charter from seeking a third term, endorsed Street’s candidacy. A council member grabbed him from behind, while another, Francis Rafferty, sucker-punched him; Street broke free and wrestled Rafferty to the ground. In light of corruption scandals, those prospects never materialized. On September 12, 2007, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson, an African-American, supported by Street, called on "10,000 black men" to patrol the streets to lessen crime. The city discovered in 2018 that company officials had made but not reported donations the previous year to City Council members Blondell Reynolds Brown, Derek Green, and Kenyatta Johnson, Gamble said. Williams has incorporated Street’s larger point into his standard stump speech, casting Kenney as out of touch, especially in the city’s African American neighborhoods.

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