Students who pursue this degree option will learn how to design and complete advanced, multi-semester research projects through a combination of independent research, group writing instruction, and one-to-one work with a faculty mentor. This prepares them for fields including marketing, graphic design, videography, and educational policy. Create computer architectures, systems and languages. The BS in Literature, Media, and Communication (formerly named Science, Technology, and Culture) is the oldest undergraduate degree program in the Ivan Allen College for the Liberal Arts at Georgia Tech. This degree option offers LMC students on all degree tracks the opportunity for a substantial, in-depth research experience. Other graduates pursue careers in fields ranging from graphic art and photography to client advocacy and medical administration to arts administration. Thus, a student weaves a degree from these Threads. 3: If CS 4460 is successfully completed, one of the Media Technologies is fulfilled, one of the Human-Centered Technology is fulfilled, and an additional 3 credit hour Thread Elective is required. We define the Threads so they are flexible enough to allow for a variety of technical and creative experiences. Director of Graduate Studies, Digital Media Technology Square Research Building Room 320B 404-894-2739 Email: Wes Kirkbride Computational Media Advisor College of Computing Room 119 Phone: 404-894-6200 Email: To complete the Research Option in the College of Computing, students must: The following classes count toward fulfillment of the Research Option: To get credit toward completion of the Research Option for research for pay, students must be registered for the appropriate audit-only, research for pay class (CS 2698 or 4698). Learn more about the Systems & Architecture thread. While all of the LMC degree thread combinations provide students with 14 credit hours of free electives, different options provide students with different numbers of free LMC elective hours. CS 2340 Objects and Design, 3 … 1: Minimum grade of C required. View the course prerequisites for the Media Thread. Six credit hours of that work, in DM media courses, will replace the LMC free electives and will count for both undergraduate and graduate credit. This is typically done the last semester of research, while taking LMC 4702. Contact: Any Modern Language 2000-level or higher. The student who pursues Media can combine it with Intelligence to study real-time animation, Information Internetworks to build high performance database systems, or with People to explore visualization of high-bandwidth data streaming. These threads include Literature; Media; Communication; Social Justice; Design; and Science, Technology, and Culture. Login. They will: While all of the LMC degree combinations provide students with 14 credit hours of free electives, different options provide students with different numbers of free LMC elective hours. Applicants should have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4. Research may be for either pay or credit; Write an undergraduate thesis/report of research on their findings. This thread prepares students by helping them to understand the theoretical and computational foundations for designing, building, and evaluating systems that treat the human as a central component. Learn more about Information Internetworks. Create devices embedded in physical objects that interact in the physical world. Students who wish to pursue the BS/MS combination in LMC and DM must apply to the School after completing at least seventy-five credit hours of work toward an LMC degree that includes the Interaction Design thread.

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