Fine dining abounds, but hitting up an old-school marketplace like Lexington or Cross Street Market is the cheapest way to get your hands on fresh, delicious oysters, sushi, crabcakes, and steamed shrimp. It is located just east of Los Angeles, so it is ideal for those who want to live close to the city but in a quieter and more affordable area. An outdoorsy Portland vibe without Portland pricesCity population: 211,655Cost of living index: 95 (5% lower than US average) Downtown you'll find the backbone of a historic city -- old steel mills and the Civil Rights District lay bare its darker industrial roots post-Reconstruction -- but a prevailing entrepreneurial energy here insists on building upon the past. Cheeeeeck. But then the clichés stop. Scenery? But, that's really just because it's named Sheboygan. As the original territorial capital of Arizona, Prescott saw many legends walk its street—Doc Holliday, Virgil Earp, Big Nose Kate, among others. To the south you have Fayetteville: Anchored by the state's flagship university, it's at once jockish and bookish, with a hippie streak that's settling into NPR-mainstream liberality. Almost two million people live in San Jose, California, and the metro area’s affordability is possibly one of the reasons for this decision. During the first two weekends in September, Blackfoot is also the site of the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Hickory residents enjoy a lower cost of living than the more populated parts of the state and spend just 20.2% of the median household income on housing. How Do You Transfer Savings Bonds to Another Person? But just as Reno’s economy has diversified beyond dice and divorce, the city’s cultural life has blossomed: The ripples created by such Midtown bars as Chapel Tavern have spread as far east as Times Square, and the Nevada Museum of Art’s ambitious programming is living up to the promise of its striking building. 1. Clever Partner Agents are all top-rated in their areas and can help you navigate every aspect of the home buying process while also helping you find additional cost-saving opportunities. However, the house prices are still higher than the national average at almost $390 thousand. Marine biology lovers find paradise here too. Astonishing rents, soul-squashing commutes, and competitive job markets in New York, DC, and Boston can send people packing pretty damn quick. And while Cream City boasts an old-school, working-class, Germanic backbone, this hasn't been Laverne and Shirley's town for a long time. The former helped fund construction of the new Coos History Museum building and the 2014 reopening of the Egyptian Theatre, a relic of Coos Bay’s 1920s heyday. Also on the revitalization docket is a new theater for the annual Sidewalk Film Festival. Indie boutiques and artisans dominate the shopping scene in this town. The affordability of Portland is another reason why people choose to live in this metro area. -- Matt Meltzer, Thrillist contributor. Yasuda, who works in marketing for American Wagyu-beef distributor Snake River Farms, recently jumped in to fill a culinary gap in town. No matter where in the region you want to be, there should be somewhere that fits your needs. To wit, the Des Moines Social Club, a nonprofit arts and entertainment venue located in a renovated Art Deco firehouse with murals on the facade, is a hipster's dream. Despite landing the 12th spot on Livability’s 100 Best Small Towns list, Los Alamitos is the very definition of under the radar. Or, map out your own tour by choosing stops from the citizen-run Idaho Architecture Project. With a median home value of just over $335 thousand, Eugene in Oregon sits easily within the top ten affordable places to live on the West Coast. An easygoing economic center makes a play for arts fame.City population: 77,264 and 38,572Cost of living index: 94 and 93 (6-7% lower than US average) It is a pretty place to live, as it boasts waterfalls, parks, and vineyards. 3 spot for the last three years. This small Indiana metro area located just south of the state line with Michigan manages to keep housing costs low for residents, requiring just 20.02% of the area's median household income to cover the cost of living. -- Jackie Bryant, Thrillist contributor. For two years running the most affordable beach community in America has been Gulfport. The farmlands of the Wenatchee Valley were once filled with orchards, and the Columbia River, which runs through the small city, powered a series of nearby hydroelectric dams. Free high-speed internet is available to all, courtesy of Google Fiber, and a brand-spankin'-new trolley system (also free) makes parking Downtown a nonissue. The town is ringed by the cliff dwellings of Bandelier National Monument, a half-dozen pueblos, Santa Fe, and the eerily beautiful Valles Caldera National Preserve. Though this mining town (guess what metal?) However, the affordability of the city is another of its appealing features. Coastal culture at blue-collar pricesCity population: 206,702Cost of living index: 86 (14% lower than US average) It is an excellent area for families as it has several high-ranking public schools. Most famously, St. Pete has the Dali Museum, which houses more than 2,000 of the surrealist's works and lends out audio devices with deeply hilarious narration from the perspective of Dali's mustache. Texas' most underrated big city does almost everything right.City population: 2,167,988Cost of living index: 90 (10% lower than US average) If you lament your city's poor planning, crumbling infrastructure, and careless corporate community, look to America's fourth-largest city for examples of how all that should be done. The median home value in Blackfoot is $170,600, 14.1% higher than one year ago. We’re partial to Ventura Spirits Company (and its stellar Strawberry Brandy) and Bell Arts Factory, a collective with more than 30 artists. Outdoor activities are plentiful, as there are gardens, orchards, and parks to explore. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is the perfect setting for those who enjoy the outdoors. The surprising #1 most popular place to retire on our list, Sequim (WA), edged out many more well known towns and cities. The 25 Best Affordable Places to Live in the U.S. in 2020-2021. The typical cost of living is 20.67% of the median household income. Or reciting Alice Cooper quotes from Wayne’s World. 24 spot after a slight increase in the cost of living. Nearby, Tiger Alley—named for the gambling districts that existed during the Gold Rush era—blends handmade and upcycled goods with a well-curated selection of vintage. 33 spot on the overall Best Places to Live ranking. On the newer end, Brothers Cascadia impresses with its barrel program that turns out sours and aged stouts. Start at the neoclassical Yavapai County Courthouse, which fronts a leafy plaza perfect for strolling or lounging. What is the Difference Between Term and Serial Bonds? “So many families are moving to Vancouver because the public schools are all very good,” says Bamford. Utah's capital boasts breathtaking scenery, inventive cooking, and, yep: great booze -- plus you can eat, drink, and party like a king for criminally low prices. Best Places 2020 Rank: 62Metro Population: 2,007,497Median Home Price: $175,942Average Annual Salary: $49,380Income Spent on Living Expenses: 20.4%. The median home price for a property in Modesto, California, is just under $290 thousand, and the general cost of living is lower than the California state average. Located in western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh enjoys a more affordable cost of living than Philadelphia to the east. Median home price: $266,000. This city regularly appears on Livability’s Top 100 Best Places to Live list, and in 2016 Entrepreneur magazine cited it as one of the country’s 50 top spots for start-ups. Fayetteville continues to grow in population, which has increased by 5.78% between 2014 and 2018 due to net migration alone, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Perhaps because of the pervasive laid-back beach culture, big companies haven't taken San Diego very seriously; for entrepreneurs and those who want to work remotely, their loss is your gain. Inside the recently updated lobby at the Grove Hotel, the new restaurant Trillium sets its farm-sourced menu against a midcentury modern backdrop (tufted and velvet seating, geometric wood paneling, subway tile). The metro population is 3,735,216, so clearly, many people agree that it is a fantastic place to live. Get help from a Clever Partner Agent to find the right property. Greenville feels like a walkable big city, but it still maintains the prices and open space of a small town. But that’s changed recently. The median house price in this lively city is under $309 thousand. You get the idea. -- C.St.J. For years the retail behemoth fed an economy with more money than taste, but that evolved once Walmart heiress Alice Walton masterminded Crystal Bridges, one of the largest new art museums built in America in the past 50 years. Before you pack up and move to a town in the Rocky Mountains, consider elevation adjustment, climate and traffic.

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