Now you are on the main menu. STC has a few Alcatel DSL modems also. Below, in WPA PreShared key, type a new wifi password. 5G / 4G LTE mobile hotspot provides multi-gigabit speeds and Wi-Fi for up to 15 devices, along with ethernet and USB-C ports for tethering. Corona – Cases Jumps To 2463 And 35 Deaths In Saudi Arabia, Latest Procedure To Change Iqama Profession In Saudi…, Change Mobile Number In Absher Online In Saudi…, How To Correct And Change Name On Iqama | 2020 | MyKSA, Huawei Modems and Routers – DSL- Fiber-Optic – 5G. Connect the device using a cable or through the wifi connection. And only 2 of them are a pocket wifi device. Extend broadband connectivity to businesses, residential customers, schools and more. Read More: How To De-Activate STC Services On Your Sim. A majority of the devices for the customers belong to the Huawei family. Now you can carry the amazing possibilities of 5G with you wherever you go! Webinar-Embedded-Vision-5G-Processing-Edge, Whitepaper-Insg-5G-Performance-Comparison. You can enjoy blazing speeds and super connectivity on the move without any barriers. Get it with stc 5G plans. In Authentication Mode, select WPA/WPA2 Pre Shared Key. Get it with stc 5G … If you can’t access then press the small reset button for almost10 seconds. stc brings you the all new HUAWEI 5G mobile MiFi Pro. E5577 MBB Pocket MyFi Device; Alcatel-Lucent STC Modems. Now at the end of the page, click on Apply to save the setting. Let the device reset. 5G is designed to flexibly and cost-effectively support billions of sensors and smart devices, also known as “massive IoT” across myriad use cases and latency and speed requirements. 5G is transforming what’s possible in business and in life. For HG658B DSL Modem Fiber-Optic, the settings as below. Now you can carry the amazing possibilities of 5G with you wherever you go! We are using our experience and close industry ties to accelerate 5G innovations. This configuration is applicable on Homebroadband 102, 103 Afaqshamel 006, 007 note: older model's login user/password: user: Afaq_Shamel pass: Stccpe_2009 If your Alcatel device is 5G enabled, look at the following procedure to change the wifi password.

With a large and growing intellectual property portfolio that includes many core patents, Inseego has a proven track record in developing industry-first cellular solutions in 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G. stc brings you the all new HUAWEI 5G mobile MiFi Pro. You can enjoy blazing speeds and super connectivity on the move without any barriers. How to Check Absher Fees, Available Funds and Traffic Violations. Superfast internet wherever you go, get HUAWEI 5G mobile MiFi Pro with stc 5G internet postpaid plans. First, let me discuss Huawei HG8245Q FTTH, HG658v2 VDSL 102 V2 and, HG8245T Modems. who’s connected, You can get a router and a tablet on 24 months’ commitment, You can get only a router on 12 months’ commitment. For Password change, In security mode, select WPA2-PSK. Easiest Method To Book Family Visa Appointment Online in Absher. How To Recharge STC Sim Online In Saudi Arabia | Prepaid | Postpaid, Subscribe To Our Notifications Service To Keep Updated, Covid-19 Vaccine | Saudi Arabia Among The Very First Countries To Receive, How To Check Sadad Number For Iqama Renewal | MyKSA, Know About The 6 Profession Not Getting LRI Benefits | MyKSA, 8 Situations The Expat Worker Can Transfer To Another Sponsor Without Any Condition, 50,000 Riyals Penalty And Deportation For Labor Gatherings, Check Traffic Violations, Fines and Vehicle Number Online In Saudi Arabia, HG658v2 VDSL 102 V2 Fiber Optic Home Broadband Modem.

For communities with limited or no access to high-speed internet, or limited options, 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a game changer.

The very first thing you need in the wifi password change procedure is that you must know about the model number and the manufacturer. You will find a menu on the left side. STC uses two variants of Alcatel Modems, G-240W-B ONT, and I-240W-A ONT. In WPA Key, write the new wifi password. In addition to using proprietary algorithms to optimize performance and security, Inseego strives for ultimate interoperability and flexibility with solutions for different environments and conditions. G-240W-B ONT (Optical Network Terminal) I-240W-A ONT; Change Wifi Password For STC … 5G is designed to flexibly and cost-effectively support billions of sensors and smart devices, also known as “massive IoT” across myriad use cases and latency and speed requirements. How To Renew Istimara (Vehicle Registration) Online in Saudi Arabia. © 2020 Inseego Corp. All Rights Reserved. Currently, STC KSA has 8 modems, routers in the market.

It is available for new and renewal 5G customers with a commitment period of 12 and 24 months.

Give your customers the fastest, easiest, most reliable broadband solutions. Therefore, each gadget has its own settings. Write a new wifi password and click on Submit. Now PreShared Key appears. Go to SSID Name and rename wifi as per your choice. Open the Internet browser and type, Now select Wireless (5G) and then for Encryption Mode, Select WPA2+WPA, Enter the new wifi password in WPA Key and click on Save. The model number is always written on a label on the back of the modem. The very first thing to change STC wifi password is that you need the model number and manufacture of the device. All Inseego 5G solutions include integrated, advanced security features and are designed and developed in the U.S. On the left menu, click on Basic. Type on the address bar of the browser. * Enjoy the flexibility to share the internet with your loved ones on two SIMs, available with the KD 18 plans. Utility optimization (electricity, water).

To change wifi password their settings are as follows. Some of the devices have the 5G ability as well. Because this guide provides A-Z details for the password change procedure.

Under the Basic, click on Wireless Settings. Establish reliable, secure connections indoors, outdoors and in harsh industrial environments. A little below, in WPA PreShared key, type a new wifi password. Package Name Validity Price* To Subscribe Package Card; 1GB for One Week: One Week: 15 SR: Send 2151 to 900: Package Card: 1GB for One Month: One Month: 30 SR: Send 2152 to 900 5G is poised to open up new computing possibilities and underpin the creation of entirely new solution types and industries. Without a robust ecosystem, 5G couldn’t go anywhere. You can get extra GB’s using add-on services as below: Copyright © 2020 stc.

Do you want to change STC wifi password of your modem, router, DSL fiber-optic connection?. Few of them work as DSL, Fiber optic home broadband modems. To change STC wife password for myfi device, you can do the following. With a portfolio of products that spans Fixed Wireless Access, mobile hotspots and IoT modems, routers and gateways, it's never been easier to bring the power of 5G to your home or business. In most of the places, you will see these models.

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