Three different oxidation processes were compared in these studies:  direct photolysis, TiO2/UV, and H2O2/UV. No kinetic order could be, The authors wish to thank the Interstate Environ-, mental Commission, New York for supporting this, environmental waters: formation of toxic chlorophenol, [2] Patnaik P, Powers E, Khoury JN. The optimum assay conditions were as follows: the detection wavelength was 420 nm, the concentration of NaNO2 solution was 6.0 g/L, color reaction temperature was 60 °C, the pH of the NaNO2 solution was 2.4, and the reaction time was 40 min. The reaction also occurs in the dark. No such order of reaction could be determined for 4-nitrophenol, the yield of which increases in presence of excess nitrite ions and at high nitrite to phenol ratios. Using an isolated frog heart according to Straub, it was shown that solution neutralization with 20% NaHCO3 also decreased the toxic effect of the above agents, making them similar to chloramine B, a well-known disinfectant. Earth and Environmental Science Department, Graduate. With the aid of this method, screening for microorganisms with C-4-specific hydroxylation activity of R-PPA was conducted. The, products were identified from their mass spectra and, retention times. The highest nitrate removal capacity of 0.11 mg/g MBC was achieved at a NO3− concentration of 15 mg/L and flowrate of 2 mL/min. Nitration and hydroxylation of phenolic compounds by peroxynitrite. Metal-catalyzed protein tyrosine nitration in biological systems. In aqueous systems, *OH production through nitrite photolysis can be negligible due to the competition for light absorption by dissolved Fe(III), colloidal iron oxides, and nitrate. The coated capillary was utilized for online capillary microextraction ‐ HPLC analysis. the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. : +718-982-3792; fax: +718-, Center for Environmental Science, City University of New. phenol. 5H2O as Nitrating Reagent. The maximum initial concentration for ammonium was 42 mM and for nitrite was 41 mM. Detailed statistical analyses were applied using 23 factorial design. Hemchandra K. Chaudhari, Akshata Pahelkar, Balaram S. Takale. The analysis provided linear response for seven selected phenols in the range of 5 to 200 ng mL⁻¹ with R² values between 0.9971 to 0.9998. Planta. The mixture of nitrophenols so obtained is separated using steam distillation. The nature and yield of the products formed in the dark are analogous. Nitrate is of particular interest, due to the abundant use of nitrogen-based fertilizers in agricultural practices globally. Peng-Cheng Wang, Ming Lu, Jie Zhu, Yan-Ming Song, Xian-feng Xiong. Toward selective detection of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species with the use of fluorogenic probes--Limitations, progress, and perspectives.

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