Zelena arrives at Hades’ chamber, and he shows her, rather gleefully, what he’s done to Aunt Em.

After being found last week, the gang brought her home to figure out how she got there and, well, what happened. tired." Her Auntie Em believed her and kept her from getting locked up. She asks if he's sure and he tells her to go to their son, to go home, and he'll be back before she knows it. Gold begs her not to do this but she just orders that, after he destroys the contract, he does whatever it takes to get her back to him. he exclaims as he slams his hand on the table, and Hook doesn't quite no what to say to this since his death is what brought them all to the Underworld in the first place. (Hey, that’s one angsty way to take care of a real life pregnancy leave…). "Of the Lord of Death?" Offers may be subject to change without notice.

They didn't believe you?" The Storybrooke crew visits the gravestone of Emily Brown (Aunt Em) to confirm she’s still here, and Snow tells them what she knows about being able to bottle breaths.

She still thinks he should be the one to go but he is insistent that it's better this way; she can look after him, and if Storybrooke's in trouble then there's no better leader than Snow White. How did Ruby end up in the Underworld if she’s not really dead? NEXT: What is this feeling so sudden and new? Yes, Once Upon a Time is a fairy tale series, but it works best when it goes against the tropes. David begs the handyman brute to stop, exclaiming that this is the only chance these people have to contact their loved ones, but Cruella knows it to be his only opportunity to reach out and haunt his infant son. "He's all you have left of her," Red understands and Dorothy confirms that he's the only one who understands her, leading Red to tell her not to worry because they're going to get him back. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved.

Mulan is right behind the girl in red, but then she, Red, stops, revealing that she lost the scent again. Auntie Em uncorks the bottle given to her by Emma, wanting to help, but suddenly some escaped magic begins to have an odd effect on her. Red states that there's nothing there, and Mulan adds, "Or here," as the search progresses through the area where the whirlwind touched down.

He then disappears in a swirl of blue flame and Zelena is left deeply conflicted. It’ll buy Rumple the time he needs, and Hades can’t hurt her in the meantime.

Zelena cackles victoriously. As she sips some of it for herself, Emma interrupts by quickly exclaiming that she and her friends are trying to help Dorothy, and Em begins to grow worried that her niece is down in the Underworld.

David tells the fur-coated villainess to relay to her boss that it's going to take a lot more than ripping out some phones to discourage them, and she promises to do so... "But in the meantime, if you wanted to strike a deal, I could look the other way while you made one last call, and assuming I'd have the Author and his pen to write me back to life." The sleeping curse, it will halt everything.". David tries apologizing but is told that he's right; "You shouldn't be here. She went on the run after and had to learn how to fend for herself, but she’s alone, too, and has been looking for her pack as a way to belong. Belle exclaims that she needs Zelena's help and the Wicked Witch rolls her eyes, almost slamming her door in the beauty's face. Ruby confirms that this is indeed who they're looking for - Dorothy's Auntie Em - and Snow sees that the grave is neither cracked nor tipped meaning she must still be down there somewhere.

Zelena tries to magic the silver slippers off Dorothy's feet in order to accomplish this, only to then realize that they aren't there; she demands to know where they are and Dorothy reminds her that she gave them to her (see "Kansas") and she's not going to give them back. Gold can be seen moving some books around in the Underworld version of his shop when Belle is heard entering, proceeding to meet her husband in the backroom. She picks the poppy herself and Ruby thanks her. Fiddling with the gingham, Ruby admits that Snow is right: she is in love with Dorothy... which begs the question of why she's standing there as opposed to being on the way to Oz.

Ruby and the others are seen inside as Auntie Em continues in saying that the pot-pie's her own family recipe but they do a good roast chicken too, rotisserie or any way they want. She demands to know which one of them it is but Ruby reveals that he's not barking because she's a witch, and then she's reluctant to say more.
Kind of. She stops when Belle begs, then revealing that she's asking for this favor "mother to mother". Looks good in red."

She explains that she was afraid of losing her to Zelena, and Ruby is touched by this, though she does point out that she almost lost her in the process. She knows what Ruby is feeling, though Ruby admits she doesn’t think the love is two-sided. The war hero explains that she's been waiting for her to get back, beginning to explain that Dorothy's under a sleeping curse, but Red already knows, thanking Mulan for taking care of her. Ruby uses her wolf senses to push a disgruntled Dorothy in the right direction, but they’re interrupted by Zelena’s presence. Snow realizes she can’t leave because her name is still on the tombstone…but David can. The others are shocked and wonder why but Snow doesn't even want the answer to that given that this woman roasted children in her previous life; the point is that maybe they can do the same thing with a kiss from Aunt Em. The discussion is interrupted when Henry descends the stairs with the new pages in tow, immediately delivering them to his grandfather. Ruby reminds her that true love is a two-way street and she isn't so sure that Dorothy feels the same way about her. David hands it over to her, explaining that Snow made it home safe, and Emma is made deeply relieved by Henry's illustration of her mother.

She explains that she used a tracking spell so that a cyclone would bring her to Zelena and Emma reveals that the Wicked Witch is down there too. David wonders further how they're supposed to just walk out and Emma says that they could use the slippers; "Go to Oz with Ruby.

Ruby hesitantly goes to kiss her, and lo and behold…Dorothy wakes! Zelena snarls with rage just thinking about her.

Snow wonders what Emma did but Emma swears that she didn't so anything.

"Well then, maybe you'll think again when you see who I found sniffing through this rubble," Zelena suggests, picking up a nearby picnic basket and opening the lid to reveal the captured Toto to be inside. Henry believes that Emma actually comes from an alternate world... and is Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) and Snow White's (Ginnifer Goodwin) missing daughter. Ruby and Dorothy elect to go find them, but Dorothy isn’t that amicable of a companion; she’s pissed and worried about Toto. Dorothy doesn’t have them, but Zelena has her precious dog, so, you know.

The Lord of the Underworld just laughs at this as he walks past the savior, then dropping a dishcloth onto the puddle that once was Auntie Em and using his foot to mop up her remains. The latter struggles alongside David with not being able to protect their son; as such, they devise a plan so that one of them can escape back to Storybrooke. ("Her Handsome Hero") Downstairs in the apartment, Emma is saying that they have to hit back hard against Hades after what he did and Hook agrees, but he wonders how. You do have a heart hidden underneath everything! Ruby suddenly understands her friend’s plight, telling her about how her village ran out on her when she didn’t have control of her wolf abilities and how she accidently killed her boyfriend. Rumple says that she's only going to make things worse but she is under the impression that she's doing what she needs to to protect their child. David makes further clear that he did it for Emma, which Hook figured, and then he adds, "I guess you've... grown on me a bit."

The Storybrooke crew finds Auntie Em, and tell her about Dorothy and how she needs true love’s kiss to wake up. "It's hard to be a savior when no one wants you to save them," Hades whispers to Emma, then finally leaving with what's left of Dorothy's aunt in tow. Dorothy is astounded despite being cautious, and she slowly picks the red cloak up off the ground as she prepares to escape along with her canine friend. However, she does think it's only fair that she gets to give Dorothy a nickname too, proceeding to suggest "Kansas".

Hades takes a few steps back in disappointment, telling her to do what she must because either way he's going to take care of Red. That’s easy, says Snow: She is. It appears Ruby has spent some time with Dorothy; the shot lingers on her sleeping body as her memories are delved into... The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, The Best Black Friday Sales and Deals from Amazon, Best Buy, and Dell (Updated), Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Campaign Review, Where to Find PS5 When It Comes Into Stock Today, PSA: Use a LAN Cable to Transfer PS4 Games to PS5, PS5: 4 Things We Love & 4 Things That Need Improvement, Marvel's Spider-Man: "Horizon High" Review, New on Blu-ray/DVD: Once Upon a Time Season 5 Review, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Dorothy proceeds to take a large intake of breath as she wakes up, and Ruby is overjoyed to see that her kiss worked. Dorothy is curious, but Red isn't sure, and then she's told that maybe that's the problem. The two girls look up in shock to see that two flying monkeys are headed their way, and Dorothy realizes that Zelena must know they're there. The Dark One appears saddened as Belle exits his shop in a huff. Dorothy then says that the poppy field is up ahead and goes to approach it, leaving Red to contemplate a sudden rush of feelings before she's able to follow on. "You're right," Dorothy replies, "I don't like to talk. In Oz, Ruby, Dorothy, and Mulan are making a potion that they realize they need poppies for.

The episode was met with good reviews with much of the praise going towards the performances of Meghan Ory and Teri Reeves, and for including a LGBT romance in the story line despite the fact that some critics felt Ruby and Dorothy's relationship was too rushed.

Is Hades footing that bill?

He tells her that there's only one way out of a sleeping curse - true love's kiss - but she knows already, and he figures that this is some ploy to force him to become the man she wants him to be, to go back to the light, just to wake her up, even though he already told her that he's not that man.

"Ruby Slippers" is the 106th episode of Once Upon a Time.

Gold catches her before she hits the ground, moving her to the bed, but he's still devastated by what she's just decided to do.

She reminds him that she can't leave, but he tells her that now she can, to her confusion.

After a small pause, Red continues by saying that she understands what it's like to not belong anywhere, to which Dorothy brazenly asks, "Really, Wolfy? Ruby refuses to let anyone talk to her like that in her diner, but the Blind Witch points out that it's not hers - not yet.

The two of them later form a friendship and Mulan decides to go with Ruby to help search for more werewolves.

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