And don't forget the across-the-board tax cuts, key to keeping the Republican base happy as the president strayed from conservative, 89. Orthodoxy pronunciation. Originality is like a fountain-head of fresh water; Saner preparation for life as a whole must take the place of the lingering emphasis on the pedagogical, This applies even to natural religion in its haziest and most compliant form; and as applied to any form of, Those books secured admission which were most widely current as, The world grew less humane as well as less sensible as it grew older, and came to think more of, Of all the cruelty inflicted in the name of, The Unitarians themselves neither desire nor deserve a name which puts them one point nearer to, They joined the insurgents, and invoked the, In philosophy he was a devoted disciple of Kant, and his decided, Oxford University has always tempered her love for learning with a dislike for inquiry, and set the, He was the Juvenal of his age, but he wrote in prose, and not for the sake of satire, but as the champion of.

Equally, revisionist conclusions conflict with many of the central tenets of Soviet, 64. an economist arguing against the current financial, 67. Indeed little of what had been unchallengeable, 26. 4. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: n. 1. the quality of being orthodox (especially in religion) 2. a belief or orientation agreeing with conventional standards. The world of medicine has become splintered into two factions, that of, 73. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "orthodox" The party leader's orthodox views are failing to attract new, younger votersShe has rather orthodox ideas, and we want someone who is a bit more creative and original. How to use orthodoxy in a sentence. What was once a novel approach had become orthodoxy. He thought he was bringing back the Monophysites to orthodoxy. Soundness of faith; a belief in the doctrines taught in the Scriptures, or in some established standard of faith; -- opposed to heterodoxy or to heresy. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: n. 1. the quality of being orthodox (especially in religion) 2. a belief or orientation agreeing with conventional standards. The result was a most favorable report, showing the, The Emperor shrank from that crime, and Basil and the, He was not popular, being cold and austere in manner, but he had a lofty self-respect, disdaining to conciliate foes or reward friends,-a New England Puritan of the severest type, sternly incorruptible, learned without genius, eloquent without rhetoric, experienced without wisdom, religious without, An intimate connection, if not identity, is thus shown between ancient and modern belief-between the paganism of the past and the, Pastor Wundt, the shepherd of the Columbus church, was a sincere and ardent Christian, but his bigotry and hard-and-fast, And the secret purpose, which seems to me predominant throughout his work, is, not so much the defence of Protestantism, or even of the Anglican Church, as a report of the latest novelties that have found a roosting-place in the English Church, amongst the most temperate of those churchmen who keep pace with modern philosophy; in short, it is a selection from the classical doctrines of religion, exhibited under their newest revision; or, generally, it is an attempt to show, from what is going on amongst the most moving orders in the English Church, how far it is possible that strict, But if Borrow had never met Taylor he would have met someone else, atheist or religious enthusiast, who would have lured him from the straight, smooth, flowery path of, These seceders rapidly lost sight of the divine truths which had been communicated to them from their common ancestor, and fell into the most grievous theological errors, corrupting the purity of the worship and the, Now, this theory is undoubtedly unobjectionable on the score of, CL which appears to have implied something inconsistent with later, The fairness and the golden hair are here so much a matter of, The point was clear-could not be clearer; so, We almost forgot, in fact, that the little Chevalier had any concern in the matter, and regarded it only as the triumph of, The established synagogue of Mulberry Street is as staid and sober as the Church of England, the liberalism preached in Berkeley Street as gentle and unscandalizing as the nonconformity of the City Temple, and the, In Oxford they have recently published a special prayer book of their own, suitable for the needs of all kinds of students, it being a medley of, With the Torah as a guide, prophecy was forced into the channels of. 3. an economist arguing against the current financial orthodoxy. 3. The conservator of orthodoxy is the Holy Ghost in a purified heart. Orthodoxy in a sentence.

104+2 sentence examples: 1. When they ( scientists ) stop questioning, 72.

There was a direct intimate connexion between chastity and political, 79. | Conformity to established and accepted beliefs (usually of religions). Every orthodoxy is a little brotherhood of men.

At the weekly meetings, papers were given by various members on such subjects as Reform Judaism, That alone can preserve the Jewish religion, either from petrifying as. Equally, revisionist conclusions conflict with many of the central tenets of Soviet orthodoxy.

The necessity still remains, but orthodoxy is dying.

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