No type specimen was designated by Linnaeus. "Blue swimmer crab-Cannibalistic behavior" by Ram Moorthy. The middle VD secretes the seminal fluid surrounding the spermatophores. From the ultrastructural studies of AG in the shore crab, Pachygrapsus crassipes, King (1964) indicated that the AGH might be a protein. Western blotting with polyclonal antitropomyosin antibody and sera from crab-allergic individuals showed that all three processing methods increased enzymatic digestion of tropomyosin. The Uniprot blast of A. vulgare revealed amino acid sequences of subunits A, B, and C, where C chain is propeptide flanked by KR cleavage sites. 1(G)). Dark blue-green carapace of the male (left) and dull green-brown carapace of the female (right). The isopod sequences exhibited similarity in all features, including the overall linear sequence, a fourth intrachain disulfide bridge (in the B chain), and a predicted glycosylation site in the A chain. Furthermore, for the European lobster (Homarus gammarus), Rhodes (1964) found that its optimum irradiation dose is 1–3 kGy, but this finding is based only on appearance and odor. Loaharanu et al. A recent investigation of IgE binding using a pool of sera from shellfish-allergic subjects to tropomyosin from blue swimmer crab (P. pelagicus) and black tiger shrimp (P. monodon) reported markedly increased IgE binding to cooked (100°C for 20 min) versus raw samples (Abramovitch et al., 2013). Blanced tails of the Norwegian lobster (Nephrops norvegicus) have an optimum irradiation dose of 2–3 kGy, which results in a shelf life of 5 or 6 weeks at 0–1°C compared to 5 or 6 days for untreated tails and 4 weeks for blanched and non-irradiated tails (Hannesson and Dagbjartsson, 1970). Such collaborative and global approaches need harmonization and standardization of data collection among different countries and productive sectors to ensure comparability and exchange of data (Lüth et al., 2018). 2.6). Sold in three sizes – small, medium and large. In contrast, the melting temperature of vertebrate tropomyosin is approximately 40°C (Holtzer et al., 1986). In the active testis, cytoplasmic processes of the Sertoli cells are often extremely attenuated, extending between the developing germ cells throughout much of spermatogenesis (Harvey et al., 2001). Silencing of Mr-IR expression in the young male prawns resulted in the hypertrophy of the AG and increased production of Mr-IAG in the AG. There are many crab species that are commercially marketed throughout the world. N-glycosylation sites (predicted in all but ArvAGH) with the sequence of NxS/T are highlighted with red circles. Table 21.1 presents typical cooking methods and times, market forms, and processing methods for these crab species. Coliforms were not detected in any of the shrimp samples. Evidently, in these two primitive crab species, the spermatophore formation is similar to those of macruran Astacidea (Erkan et al., 2009), where the spermatophore is a single mass of sperm surrounded by various secretions, lacking an enveloping layer (Hartnoll, 1975). While the presence of IAG in different decapods has been reported, and its expression in AG was blocked by RNAi, the pathway by which it exerts action on the control of sex differentiation has not been clearly understood. This study of processing effects was conducted on the myofibrillar fraction from shrimp. Consumers are not familiar with morphological, chemical, and taxonomical characteristics of diverse foods. Indo-West Pacific: from China, Japan and Korea to Philippines and westwards to the straits of Malaccca, also present in the Northern Territory, Australia. 30. Osb. 173 (3), 381–388, Elsevier, Fig. In vivo silencing of the gene, by injecting the prawns with Mr-IAG double-stranded RNA, temporarily prevented the regeneration of male secondary sexual characteristics. The high, . In general, the assembly of decapod spermatophores takes place during sperm transit from the testis to the distal part of the VD. Salmonellosis was the second-most commonly reported zoonotic disease in the EU in 2016 (ECDC, 2019). The distal VD becomes secretory again with its cuboidal epithelial cells. In the posterior part of AVD, the mature spermatophores are found to possess a thick glycoproteinacious wall, surrounded by acid mucopolysaccharides. The most variable parts are the efferent ducts, accessory glands, and copulatory organs. Figure 1: Live adult specimen of the blue swimming crab (male), The blue swimming crab is a large commercially valuable crab found within tropical and subtropical regions of the Indo-West Pacific. This work reported that the protein melting temperatures from the species examined ranged from 43.5–50.2°C and proposed that thermal stability of tropomyosin in these species followed the order: prawn > abalone > squid. Further characterization reveals that the A chain contains three cysteine residues which are present in the same position of the AGH characterized from other crustaceans such as A. vulgare, Porcellio scaber, P. dilatatus, C. quadricarinatus, Cherax destructor, M. rosenbergii, Penaeus monodon, and Portunus pelagicus (Table 2.2). of the blue swimmer crab, Portunus pelagicus, in Australian waters. Lines indicate intra- and interchain disulfide bridges. In a primitive brachyuran crab, Dromia personata, belonging to Dromioidea, there is only one spermatophore produced at a time. However, if the appendage is lost multiple times, the interval between moults and growth during each subsequent moult will be severely affected, Figure 7: Flow chart of the life cycle of, Figure 8: Moulted shells of crab instars of, The blue swimming crab is one of the most commercially prized species, representing a valuable portion of small-scale coastal fisheries in numerous countries in the tropics, . More recently, residual meat from walking legs removed using mechanical de-boner. In terms of reproductive parameters, it resulted in the arresting of testicular spermatogenesis and spermatophore development in the terminal ampullae of the sperm duct, accompanied by hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the AGs when eyestalk ablated (Khalaila et al., 2001; Kim et al., 2002). dentatata, manibus multangulo-prismaticis. In another study conducted in western Australia, it was noted that although the male and female crabs had the same diet, they consumed different quantities of food with the female eating more. In Europe, the EFSA-funded ENGAGE project aims to establish collaboration between the public health, food and veterinary sectors across the EU to build and enhance the use of WGS and analysis in food safety and public health protection ( The spermatogonia give rise to spermatocytes that undergo meiosis and subsequently differentiate into spermatids. (2007). In this crab, the VD is divisible into three zones. Josileen (2013) reported that in Portunus pelagicus the fecundity measured ranged between 60,000 and 19,76,398 in crabs with carapace widths of 100 to 190 mm from Indian waters. The distal part of the PVD secretes a granular substance “B,” which constitutes the medium for storing the completed spermatophore. The authors further examined allergenicity of tropomyosin in heat and high-pressure-treated samples using a mouse allergy model. For these reasons, bad practices and adulterations are possible by substitution of species or varieties or by producing mixtures involving varieties or species of lower commercial value. brachyurus, thorace laevi untrinque unispinoso fronte octo-. The proposed rationale for increased antibody response in heat-treated samples was that thermal treatment altered tropomyosin conformation in a way that increased availability of the epitope region(s) (Kamath et al., 2013). Multiple sequence alignment of IAGs. Cq-IAG extends sperm viability in the crayfish. Clusters of spermatogonia are located near the basal lamina surrounding the seminiferous tubules. Its fluid-like secretion “C” is not mixed with the rest of the semen stored in the mid-VD until the time of spermiation. Moreover, Cq-IAG silencing in intersex C. quadricarinatus resulted in the reduction of sperm production and testicular degeneration simultaneously with the onset of vitellogenesis (Rosen et al., 2010) suggesting that the AG-specific insulin-like factor not only regulates male sex differentiation but also plays the role of a gender switcher, balancing male/female components of the intersex crayfish. The description is very short and vague, thus not very helpful. The last pair of walking legs, the 5th pair, is oval and paddle-shaped at the end and rotates easily to aid in swimming in all directions, . In Crustacea, the male gametic cells undergo spectacular cellular metamorphosis by way of structural changes, especially during spermiogenesis (Pochon-Masson, 1983). The spermatocyte stages are subdivided according to the meiotic stages leptotene, zygotene, pachytene, diplotene (Fig. This epithelium consists of germ cells and soma cells (Fig. In the distal part of the VD, a distinct dilated portion in the form of a seminal vesicle is also found in some crabs for storage of seminal substances (Lopez-Greco, 2013). Qualitative and quantitative proteomics studies, coupled with single cell analysis and studies of spore physiology, might provide robust molecular models and a state-of-the-art technology with applications both in the food industry and monitoring laboratories (Abhyankar et al., 2017). Different adulterations of canned products of Atlantic blue crabmeat (Callinectes sapidus) with blue swimmer crabmeat (Portunus pelagicus) (Gayo and Hale, 2007) were determined. The male abdomen is narrow, pointed and triangular, resembling an inverted 'T'. In the blue crab Portunus pelagicus, Stewart et al. Proteomics is also expected to drive food-processing techniques aimed at decreasing the allergenic potential and to provide prognostic and diagnostic biomarkers.

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