Barrel chested with powerful muscles of legs and arms. Horizontal rami are large with a maximum thickness (23 mm against 14 mm in modern man) at level of third molar the symphysis has a convex and receding curve externally (like apes unlike man) and is quite thick (17 mm). Prominent crest on top and back of skull, long broad flattish The massiveness of the entire mastigatory apparatus including the musculature and the wear of the teeth indicate use of a diet of rough material which needed much chewing. These fossils belonged to various parts of Africa.

We assume here that two species are probably being sampled, Homo habilis and smaller brained species superficially resembling A. africanus.

They had human like teeth and larger brain than australopithecine (750 cc). Giant sharks, about 42 feet long, were plentiful. Australopithecus ramidus, a new species of early hominid from Aramis, Ethiopia. Thus the general endocranial size of Australopithecus does not differ markedly from those of gorilla and chimpanzee.
Dolichocephalic, skull wall and brow ridges thick. With Neanderthal we find the first direct evidence of prevalence of rituals as also the deliberate burials. No one knows if they actually made tools, but artifacts have been found in South Africa that suggest they might have made simple digging tools from bone!

And the period between 1.5 to 125,000 years BP is regarded as the transition from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens. The most common flake tool was the "Point" probably used by hafting into the end of a spear. The jaws are also relatively large but no simian shelf. Though H. erectus has been placed in genus Homo along with modern man, he exhibited many primitive characters as given below: He however exhibited several characters which place him closer to modern man compared to his predecessors these are: On October 21, 1907 was discovered a mandible that is now popularly known as Mauer jaw or Homo heidelbergensis. The pelvis, reconstructed from a crushed specimen, is said to show adaptations that combine tree-climbing and bipedal activity. (before present). There were no signs of broken bones or teeth marks that might show why she died.

face strong facial buttressing. His other body features are also similar to modern apes. But as ill luck would have it the sip was captured, the fossils disappeared never to be seen again. Gigantopithecus was too specialized aan ape and has no place in the ancestry of man. Homo erectus was the first perennial tool makers. Below are some of the still unanswered questions about Ardipithecus ramidus that may be answered with future discoveries: White, T.D., Suwa, G., Asfaw, B., 1994. Very Early Humans The Old Stone Age people were hunter-gatherers. The man was an individual who stood tall at 5.8 inches. Ramapithecus wickeri mandible from Fort Ternan, Kenya. This view was still extent in 1977 but a series of more recent studies has cast doubt upon it.

This has not only increased our subject knowledge about Dryopithecus but also has helped to scientifically check earlier conclusions. The stone tool culture of mid-Pleistocene origin have been generally ascribed to Chellean and Acheulian traditions.

The area in 1941 was under Japanese control while the fossil expedition was being undertaken by Americans.
Early humans such as Homo erectus are from the genus Homo and directly follow evolutionarily from the Australopithecines.

Common artifacts include tools, pottery, and decorative objects such as jewelry and statues.

Dart named the skull as Australopithecus africanus. But in bone feature it contrasts with pongidae and matches with

The molars possess the Dryopithecus Y-5 cusps pattern. Homo habilis consist of several reasonable crania, some jaws and teeth, and a few unassociated post-cranial.

by 1.6 million years ago, another human species had appeared the taller, long legged, bigger brained Homo erectus.

For a time in the 1960s and ’70s, Ramapithecus was thought to be a distinct genus that was the first direct ancestor of modern humans (Homo sapiens) before it became regarded as that of the orangutan ancestor Sivapithecus.

1300 cc. However the hominid features are overwhelming.

Status of Sivapithecus as ancestor of orang is clear.

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