I very strongly suggest you follow in Durshimer’s footsteps and play Scapeshift at your next Modern event–especially if the metagame pans out as it has been, with plenty of Stoneforge Mystic and Kolaghan’s Command decks flying about. One of those decks is a classic: Scapeshift. The best weapons at their disposal tends to be counterspells and discard spells, which explains the three copies of Veil of Summer in the sideboard. The Titan can grab to more Mountains from the deck and finish the job. Very wisely, as it would turn out, Durshimer concluded that Scapeshift was an excellent choice for the field he expected:White-Blue Control, Tron, and infinite Stoneforge Mystic decks. Force of Vigor is the other new card seeing play in Scapeshift, and it’s not immediately clear how you want to split Ouphe and Force. Even if the big Scapeshift combo turn doesn't quite finish off the opponent, then Primeval Titan may go next and find two more Mountains to trigger Valakut again and finish the job. Jake Durshimer crushed last weekend’s online MCQ with the deck, putting together a truly incredible performance, rattling off twelve wins on the trot. This deck has a plan B, but preferably, plan A goes first: demolishing the opponent with a cascade of Valakut triggers in one turn. KEEP READING: Magic: The Gathering - In the Heart of the Skyclave, Explained. Durshimer had an astute observation to make about the newly unbanned card: “I enjoy playing Legacy,” he told me, “and have witnessed firsthand how often people will play Stoneforge decks regardless of how good they actually are.”. Cryptic Command might appear a few times as well to counter opposing spells, cantrip or tap the enemy's team to stall an attack. Scapeshift's manabase is rich and complex since it is made up of many fetchlands and shocklands in green, blue and red. 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Anyone who has played Modern recently will know how overrepresented Stoneforge Mystic is right now. “However, it’s a good excuse to play a 28th land, which improves the consistency of the deck.”. Dispel and Negate can hit Cryptic Command, Mana Leak, Remand, Summoner's Pact and Repeal, and Negate also hits Scapeshift. The Jund matchup is already decent for Scapeshift, but every little bit helps–and maindeck Baloths will definitely catch people by surprise, not to mention its utility against decks like Burn. This deck faces some stiff competition, but it has proven its worth in many matchups. Dispel and Negate are also fine options against Scapeshift, especially if the player is expecting their opponent to modify their deck to make it act even more like a control deck for games two and three. At the end of the day, if Modern continues to be overrun with Stoneforge Mystic (Durshimer is spot-on in saying people will play SFM decks “regardless of how good they actually are,” after all), playing a deck with an inherent advantage against these overrepresented strategies is an excellent call. One of the reasons Scapeshift is a great choice right now is its position against Stoneforge Mystic decks. Dispel and Negate won't do any good to support Scapeshift or Primeval Titan against Counterflux. The maindeck Obstinate Baloth was a hedge against the Kolaghan’s Command decks that Durshimer expected. This is the deck i took to GP:Houston. In white mana, Leyline of Sanctity is a great way to prevent Valakut's triggers from hitting the player directly, meaning Valakut's wrath is directed to the board instead. That can buy Blood Moon's player a few extra turns. Then, and only then, can the card be a real threat, so Veil of Summer ameliorates that risk quite nicely while also fighting through the increased presence of Kolaghan’s Command.

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