Our great leader is asking us to be a nation again. he is the only one they can trust. Preserve these places first before you open them for commercial ventures. Get out of the orange suit and do some work for a change. Mostly it is Government. Indian Idioms and Proverbs. The most amazing thing I remember vividly was the life size statue of a beautiful diety in the Taxila museum. @Leo. The scenery from top is really mesmerizing. @Leo. And with great struggle, Jinnah made the impossible, “Possible”. Back in the days as a child my father took me to a similar place like this one near Taxila. Lets’ see, how long we take to realize it. It has both the translation and definition.

Ye Pakistani piolets 1965 aur 1971 may kahan thay. Historical place of Budhhism gives a message for all the countries-how to be non voilent. We are lucky enough to find “concerned person or organization or institution” in every field that acts as obstacle in our route to success. We must get out of our imposed stupor and show ourselves our true worth-our true potential. However I beg to differ. We should not live in past fantasies but should be realistic about the ground realities. Website was banned in Pakistan in September 2012 due to a blasphemous video that YouTube decided not … Millions of people made sacrifices. this site is full of history and mysteries. This is our heritage, our history, our identity and our pride.

These are the real roots of our subcontinent civilization...If we keep connected with it, then it will bring peace and real prosperity to our society. Stock Photo, Wooden front door of a home. The architecture and its engineering is of high class. It is interesting to note that this kind of masonry was resistant to seismic shocks and even in some places they had introduced anti-waves in stone. His made his ways, which all lead to the appearance of new Muslim state in the map of world. He says that Gondophares was a Parthian king of the Suren house, from Sakastan, or Sistan (a Suren general defeated the Roman forces in the battle of Carrhae, in today’s Turkey, in 53 BCE, where 20,000 Romas were killed and 10,000 captured).
Remember what happened to Murree, it is now just like Saddar Bazar, Rawalpindi. 200 to 300 for one side from Takht-i-Bhai bazaar to the Buddhist site and often make seven to ten trips and earn a handsome amount,” says Iqbal Ali, a chingchi rickshaw driver. Mental and spiritual strength come through acquisition of usable knowledge following it up with the ability to be an agent of action and change. I grew up in that area and always felt at peace when I visited this place. FREE to all SEESA clients It's sad to see such historical places within our country not being preserved. The spark that turned to a struggle, a fight, a freedom fight. Life has become so tough “these days” and so demanding that no one has time all. The ostentatious structure and imposing relics of the Buddhist monastery Takht-i-Bhai (Throne of Origins) has captivated a large number of locals and tourists who have flocked to see the ancient site which dates back to early 1st century AD. Takht Bhai means 'high spring' this is one of the best preserved monastery in Gandhara. Lambi lambi chorna tu hamara porana abnayee rozgaar hay. The spark that turned to a struggle, a fight, a freedom fight. Awesome! Alhamdolillah, that He brought us back safely with dignity, back to out duty of defending Ummat e Rasul (sm) and Pak Srazameen ! b***************l********************l***********************************s***********. The communication method we will be using is Zoom which provides videotelephony and online chat services. Ltd. (www.compunode.com).Designed for Dawn. Taxila one of the greatest center of Buddhist learning also in Pakistan. is about to start mashAllah This was the surprise InshAllah, tonight at 8 PM on DIN news, watch me with my beloved wife, sharing our experiences together with Neelam Nawab ! How can today's Pakistan allow his holiness Dalai Lama to take care of these great places without forgoing the $46B from China? Virtual tour at http://www.kparchaeology.com/virtual_tours/takht_bhai/. They became a “Seesa Pilai Deewar” who couldn’t be broken by any power. Jinnah was a man with direction. I feel pakistanis should also treat Buddha and buddhist heritage as their own with a sense of pride even though they now follow a different religion. Superb writing and photos. Heritage determines who we are and where we belong. that a beautiful monastery it'z we must preserve it and also restore it's has a national heritage. Pakistani pilot Saiful Azam ek pesha'war pilot tha ya Islam ka Mujahid. We can count a thousand inappropriate actions on our finger tips that we do on our own and no one actually asks us to do so. Copyright © 2019 tubelight.pk. ‘Aaj ki zindagi bht masroof ho gai hai, pehley waqtoon mei yun nai tha.’ This is a common sentence we say many times a day, and hear by many around us. Very conveniently we say that people of older times had lot of free time but we don’t. Stock Photos, idyllic front door collage , Italy Stock Photo, Vertical photo collage of 25 front doors Stock Image, Front poorch and door of the green house.
Mar 26, 2018. The fact is that our lower-cadre soldiers are brave and have the courage to take on any hard enemy but our elite-cadre Army officers are not sincere and lack courage as they are fed on American Dollar as their families live, work and study in American or European countries. This is such a beautiful part of Indian history. It is good to generate public interest about all the beautiful places in Pakistan, but what is it going to lead to… commercialization without the proper investment in preservation.

Free for teachers! Jee haan Yehi hai Pakistan Army ki Real Job jo unho ne Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto ke orders par us waqt sar Anjam di thi, aur aesa he ek Shaheen Islam ke nam pe banney waley Pakistan ko choor kar awam ke nam par banney waley mulk kiu gia (yapping)?????? They became a “Seesa Pilai Deewar” who couldn’t be broken by any power. The historical site is an archaeological wonder, considered to be significant because of its unique design. Home interior.

But he became one. Stock Image, Welcoming entrance porch, front door with Christmas wreath Pictures, Old style brown wooden front door with wooden planks. On seminaries, the Maulana said on April 14 that they were defending Islam and presented them as an invincible wall (seesa pilai deewar) against secularism. SEESA website : Programs: About Us. I have a horrible feeling about the Corridor that external powers will make it extremely difficult. Please do not let the fundamentalists destroy it Let us make sure that we preserve our heritage and diversity. My experience was so amazing that 40 years down the road whenever those memories come to my mind, it just gives me a wonderful feeling still. Takht-i-Bhai: A Buddhist monastery in Mardan. Very beautiful. Great architecture ! Pakistan sits on a reservoir of Heritage sites, be it Buddhism, Hinduism, other Pre-Islamic like Moenjodaro, Harappa, Mogul period sites, Colonial heritage sites, Not to forget pre-historic sites at Mehr Garh, which is one of the oldest human settlement in the world, pre-dates Moenjodaro. Privacy Policy | Disclaimer|. Tujh ko kitna lahoo chahiye ae arz-e-watan.

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