In the 1960s, the riparian zone was sold down the river to protect and electrify the Sacramento Valley. I have read it described as “a notch above Chamberlain's and a notch below 49 to Bridgeport.” That is especially true above 1000 cfs. To accommodate the higher minimum and recreational flows out of Slab Creek that will be required, SMUD has proposed to construct a 5 MW powerhouse downstream of the dam in place of the existing 0.4 MW powerhouse. About Rea I grew up very near Slab Creek Dam on the South Fork of the American River. It diverts up to 3800 cubic feet per second (cfs) into a tunnel snaking eight miles west toward the White Rock Powerhouse where it rejoins the riverbed just below Chili Bar reservoir. “We’re pleased that we could preserve our commitment to public safety, health and They believe it is inefficient, and do not believe it is necessary. In September 2005, SMUD and the El Dorado Water and Power Authority (EDWPA) reached a cooperation agreement on the UARP relicensing. One morning at 7 am, my brother ran by my tent yelling, “Slab Creek Dam is spilling.” We were on the river by 9 am, slaloming through rockpiles on 600 cfs. I logged 8 trips on Slab Creek in December and January (some friends of mine rafted it 20 times!). The expenses will be covered by Sacramento It is nicknamed the Stairway of Power. In July 2001 they each filed a formal request with FERC, and in July 2002 they each filed a Notice of Intent to file an application for a new license. waterway for rafting, kayaking, fishing, rock climbing and other recreational activities that El Photo below Mosquito Road Bridge by Max Blackburn, © 1999-2020 American Whitewater Slab Creek Reservoir is a reservoir located just 6.1 miles from Pollock Pines, in El Dorado County, in the state of California, United States, near Five Mile Terrace, CA. (Thanks to NorCal Yak pal Paul K. Redd at SacYakkers for the tip about improved road conditions.) The ranch offers total privacy, gorgeous views, pine trees and rare private access to the Slab Creek which runs year-round into the American River below. We respect your privacy and will not share your information. The ranch offers total privacy, gorgeous views, pine trees and rare private access to the Slab Creek … The committee has requested that rafters and kayakers not be allowed to get off the river in the area. We met Mother Lode Falls, a big class V series of drops and holes. GDPUD was to receive 10,000 acre-feet, but withdrew from the agreement when the board decided that pumping the water uphill would not be cost-effective. We took the upper-end road to check out the new parking lot. Located just upstream of the popular Chili Bar run on the South Fork of the American River is this hidden gem we locals call Slab Creek. In 1997 when I was 20 years old, I paid for my first commercial river trip on the Chili Bar section and in 2000 I became a commercial river guide on the South Fork. The agreement also provides EID with an additional 10,000 acre-feet of drought protection. Another time, we put on in the early afternoon, and the water dropped to less than 400 cfs. During times of high-energy demand or electrical emergencies, the water from the upper reservoir would be released to provide energy. Slab Creek Reservoir (SCR) is a beautiful favorite day paddle of many who come here. Please do not come rafting if you at a high risk of developing severe symptoms of Covid-19. Jim Shetler, from SMUD, said he does not want to reopen the cooperation agreement. The lake offers only a very rough and rocky dirt ramp. American River to Mosquito and Swansboro. The Forebay Road put-in on the eastern end of Slab Creek Reservoir is located just outside of Pollock Pines. “The collaborative nature of the agreement between the County and the coalition will Their boat washed 500’ downstream of the bridge where they were taking out that day. Water would be pumped from the lower reservoir to be stored in the higher reservoir. the County Board of Supervisors voted to maintain Mosquito Road Bridge for pedestrian and bicycle The agreement also states the There are only two access points at the lower and upper ends of the reservoir, and no access in-between. The east end of Slab Creek Reservoir is located just outside of Pollock Pines, accurately self described as a four season sportsman s paradise. Please bring your face coverings when you come to visit us. We’re making improvements. They would like more law enforcement. This initiated the first consistent recreational season in this canyon since whitewater boating became a pastime…and a new chapter in my intimate relationship with this river. The remains of the old Pony Express trail can be seen from the lake. The bridge rapid is tricky, and it’s more common than not to see swimmers struggling to get themselves to shore before the sheer walls make the bridge inaccessible. “Our primary concern was the elimination of a popular river recreation access point that News Release from the Chief Adminsitrative Office of El Dorado County: COUNTY AND COALITION OF RECREATION GROUPS AND LOCAL

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