If you've ever seen white rings on tables, that's what will happen to shellac when it's exposed to moisture for too long. Pour into glass or wood container (NOT plastic! recipe above. Give everclear a try and post back your results! Tung oil makes my list here as it is food-safe after three days of curing and repels food particles that can stick in the pores on wood surfaces. You don't need to worry about it. The following finishes are worth considering, especially on your wood projects that need to be food-safe. As you might expect, these oils have a shelf life and will spoil over time. I used an old sweet tin so these measurements fit perfectly in this tin. wax by weight to 6 oz. Scratching can also be an issue unless you cover your project with several layers. If it is then feel free to use it on your wooden spoons. Grooves and indentations can also be problematic, becoming a collection point for bacteria or grease build-up. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I can never forget the cutting board he made using epoxy resin, which was still quite a novelty at that time. Fractionated coconut oil has been refined to the point of removing LCT (long-chain triglycerides), a process that prevents this product from going rancid. The book is learning material that is the result of a collaborative effort between the You can buy beeswax in chips already, but I love the way that the blocks look and easy to store so that's how I like to buy them. A popular selection for many joiners is this product made from nuts of the tung tree. Verify on the label if the finish will tolerate these extremes without breaking down or melting as you cook. I started with the products that my grandfather used while supplementing them with others that I wanted to try out. When it is applied and buffed, the wood will take on a warm look that highlights its natural colors. Carnauba wax is derived from the Brazilian palm tree. Thanks for the tips about vapours and wearing gloves, good info. It is cooked, filtered, reduced, and cooled into flakes and comes in three colors (ruby or garnet, amber, and blonde). I use a slow cooker or crock pot to melt down my beeswax. Homemade shellac will also store longer than most pre-made products. Apart from that, I also enjoy weightlifting and swimming. Shellac can be used in different concentrations. Ideally the work space is dust-free and not too hot or too cold or too breezy. It's not too hard to clean up with some scrubbing, but you might wear gloves. Buff it off with another cloth and maintain the finish as often as necessary (varies depending on use). While the shellac flakes are dissolving, you can get the wood ready. When looking at tung oil products, make sure that they are pure. So, are you going to identify the tin you used? Shelf life of the shellac alcohol mix should be a few months. This wax will require two to three coats to provide the best coverage possible. The last product on this list was actually the first finish I was introduced to by my grandfather. Another concern for many is the toxicity levels on treated wood items used for food and toys. After wondering wtf this piece of teak-ish looking walnut was, a few old timers confirmed that the sample was indeed walnut, and I went from there. They will tend to shed chips on cutting board surfaces, so alternative finishes may be desired in those applications. I find that they start to break apart after a while and leave pieces of fuzz in the finish. Congratulations! Because I'm working with smaller quantities and don't need to mix up that much, I quarter the 1lb. I did some research and learned that shellac can be used as a sealer, which helps the wood from going really dark, particularly on the end grain. I can totally respect trying to find an alternative though. Do you think you could use vodka insted of denatured alcohol to make it more food safe and woodworker safe? This product has been used for centuries as a finish and polish for wood. Your email address will not be published. So I'm in Texas and we have 95% everclear, or straight grain alcohol, im guessing that might work. Give more than one of them a try to see which you prefer working with. Durable as in existing chips & scrapes and if possible slightly heat damage resistant. 5 Weird Wood Staining Techniques. Shellacs and water-based finishes are the next best options in this regard. I'm not usually measuring, just adding some flakes to the alcohol, stirring, and letting it dissolve. Just one point I think is incorrect. I get most of it online, but if you have anyone local that makes honey or keeps bees then have a chat with them and they should be able to help! Items used for cooking (like spoons or spatulas) will be used on hot cooking surfaces. Share it with us! Shellac also has other applications too, like coating twine, chord, and cloth handlebar wrap on bicycles. Hi, Link is above in step 1. Shellac Flakes : 1 gallon Alcohol = 2 lb. Just search storage tin, or tabaco tin I think would work :) Let me know if you find something! When I built my own cutting board as my first woodworking project, I didn’t know anything about food-grade wood finishes. As this slowly set I give it a stir every 10mins or so for the first hour. cut. So I used 2oz of wax so needed 6oz of oil. Because water evaporates much slower than alcohol, I think there's a risk of the shellac not being deposited evenly; the water may also raise the grain or do other unpleasant things to the wood. Food-Safe Wood Finish With Shellac (+ Bee's Wax / Walnut Oil): This Instructable will take you through the steps of making and applying a true shellac finish from flakes (not the stuff in the spray can or jar that you'll find at the hardware store, although the same steps may apply). On lighter wood, like oak, it becomes a personal preference. A few vegetable-based oils were listed previously that can be used as a wood finish. Plastic salsa / to-go containers work well, and so do glass jam jars and things like that. I wrapped the handle on my coffee machine with twine. Would like to put a thick layer of protection on them after staining. Smells half of beeswax half of Jojoba oil, but certainly strong smell or beeswax still :). If you are considering mineral oil as a finish, it is important to understand that these products are available in crude or refined products. This product provides a soft finish that will work well on cutting boards or wooden countertops. Since then I've been using it on all of the restaurant pieces that I make. It's perfect for finishing any wood project and far more satisfying to make your own finish than buying one, and I love using beeswax to finish wood projects.It should take no… It can be applied on decoration pieces by mixing it with mineral oil, but it should be used pure when applying it on food-safe items. Why put it on something if it's going to become rancid? You can use almost any old. These oils will not remain on the surface and can cause an off-taste when the utensils are used. If it's still tacky, wait longer. I have read book for oil finish. Hi JC, Clean the brush in mineral spirits or acetone. With the jojoba oil, this should last around 2 years but as I said this varies from which oil you use. However, I also see that the differences between sealants, their longevity, and durability make it a more difficult choice than I thought. Pre-made products will also list a curing time for each product. This can also be done after the first coat of shellac using 400 grit sandpaper. I started by preparing my wax. Another trick that users do when applying this material is to add lemon essential oil to provide a pleasant scent. One thing to keep in mind is that beeswax will require a bit more work to use when compared to some finishes. Share it with us! Pour the walnut oil and beeswax into a pint-sized glass jar, then place the jar in a saucepan filled with 2 to 3 inches of water. 1 year ago So that's what I do, I'm sure somebody can tell me why its a bad idea :). I've made and used a beeswax wood finish for many years. Some people reapply wax finishes every 6months or so on tables that get a lot of use. Hi Janet, This wax is often mixed with beeswax as it can be difficult to achieve a consistent look when used pure. I hope this instructable inspires you to work with shellac! In this guide, I will show how I made my all natural beeswax wood finish. What I'd expect if you used "ordinary" 40% vodka is that the dissolved shellac mixture would be "milky". It has gained in popularity, especially with beginners, as it is easy to apply. . Denatured alcohol should clean up any shellac that has dried. European readers may be familiar with this finish that is often used by French woodworkers.

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