Shows top banned champions ordered by ban rate. Created Aug 27, 2014. List of the convertible dimensions and currencies. Heals someone. Queues a radio stream from a link. I'd be interested to hanging out with people and talking about Dragon Age, so if you do this then sign me up. Supply 0 or no argument to have no limit. I and a few other DMs are running a growing D&D Siscord server dedicated exclusively to Dragon Age. No bigotry, sexism, racism, or homophobia, Press J to jump to the feed. While enabled, the bot will prioritize songs from users who didn't have their song recently played instead of the song's position in the queue. You can use either a name or an abbreviation of the currency. Supports embeds. Past that point or for any other purpose, it will be removed at the moderator's discretion. Shows the poll results without stopping the poll on this server. Bot will send the message you typed in this channel. Press J to jump to the feed. Another user must run the command in the same channel in order to accept the challenge. Remove a song by its # in the queue, or 'all' to remove all songs from the queue and reset the song index.

Queue a soundcloud song using keywords. Or nothing might happen, as I don’t know what to expect from this. The Dragon Age discord also uses a custom hosted bot: The Maker which is a modified Nadeko bot. Playlist name must be no longer than 20 characters and must not contain dashes. Unbans the previously banned user from the club. Shows the list of users who have applied to your club. Every posted message will have chance to spawn currency. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You must meet that club's minimum level requirement, and not be on its ban list. Spend an amount of currency to plant it in this channel. Please remain civil. Admins can ban, kick and accept applications. Chance is specified by the Bot Owner.

Off-topic posts are not allowed. r/hoda: Discuss anything and everything about Heroes of Dragon Age. When enabled, the bot will reply to messages starting with bot mention in the server. Bot will join your voice channel. You must be club owner to use this command. Sends a message to you or a channel after certain amount of time. Creates or joins an existing connect4 game. Translates your normal sentences into Yoda styled sentences! (works only if music is already playing). They will be able to apply again. Convert quantities. Please keep it civil and please keep it on topic. Stops a typing contest on the current channel. I’ve recently started using an app called Discord for in-game voice communication with my friends. Minimum 3 users required. Sets a maximum number of seconds (>14) a song can run before being skipped automatically. Hey, I actually have had a Dragon Age server going for quite a few months and we already have a good bunch of members (just hit 70 members today) so if anyone wants to join the party here's an invite link :D I have some geeky friends IRL, whom I can talk to about most of my hobbies, but none that are really into Dragon Age, which is the reason I’m writing this.

Play a game of Rocket-Paperclip-Scissors with Nadeko. Custom reactions starting with %mention% won't work if cleverbot is enabled. You have to be in the same voice channel as the bot.

Shows the list of feeds you've subscribed to on this server. We have a bunch of people looking for games. Adds a new article to the typing contest. They will not be able to apply again. Whether it's a quick strat question or something you'd like to share, maybe … No spam.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Custom bot commands for /r/DragonAge discord server. It is everything young men need to know about women.

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