Ethnic Groups Igbo is the largest ethnic group in Eastern Nigeria.

1920 - d. 1984)  NCNC. Chandos Hoskyns-Abrahall) Adebayo           

1951 - 1897 - d. 1972)          

United People's Party (split from AG, 1962-1966); 1935 - 27 May

1936 - designations. Fajuyi                   

(s.a.)              Nigerian National Democratic Party (conservative, Lagos

1897 - d. 1974)

Although, they …


Odumegwu  1 Jan 1914 -

Alexander George Boyle        


                          19 Jan 1966 - 29 Jul 1966  Adekunle

1956     Sir Clement John Herbert Symonds Goldsmith        

Frederick Bernard Carr          Thomas Fellowes Barker  

Aug 1966 - 27 May 1967     1954         James Grenville Pyke-Nott    

Lieutenant governors


Gowers           federal states, Nigeria

1967                1920         21 May 1962 - 29 May 1962  Alhaji       Obafemi Awolowo                   

1909 - d. 1987)  AG


as Southern Provinces.

   (b. Chief Secretary to the Government, Lagos

7 Jul            Muhammadu

19 Jan 1966 - 27 May 1967  Hassan Usman


Osadebay          Note: Regions since 1914 are 1946 -    (from 24 Feb 1950, Sir Theo 1892 - d. 1951)            (b.

 1 Oct 1954 - 15 Jan 1966  Mobolaji Ohofunso 1879 - d. 1944)                             

of During the abolition of federalism 24 May - 31 Aug 1966,

The Niger Delta is the largest wetland, and has the largest oil deposits.

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