That's why my husband vetoed this name! The heroine of the film Pan's Labyrinth used the Spanish spelling, Ofelia. We're excited that you have an opinion about the name Ophelia. xD), I loved this name until my mother starting making "feel ya" jokes. Off the list since 1958, Ophelia reentered the US Top 1000 in 2015, and rose more than 600 spots since then, with no signs of slowing down. These 16 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Ophelia. You can use the middle name to honor a family member. Help please! It's also the most popular of the "number names" used by Hispanic parents, according to Nameberry. Having a baby boy? ", feminine form of Odysseus, means "wrathful. bethalice1. Quinn, Fraser, Casper, Angus , Alexander , Isaac, Flynn. Olivia is a Latin name meaning "olive tree," as The Bump noted, and is the name of an heiress in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. I wanted something classic & beautiful.... Girly but not trendy. Fill out the form and click generate to start generating middle names. Oliver is the male form of Olivia. This name is Sanskrit and, perhaps unsurprisingly, means "gem," as Nameberry noted. Here are a few first and middle name combinations that we thought would be great for your baby girl. Academy Award-winning actress Octavia Spencer may have inspired you to consider this sweet name for your own baby girl. It fits in with the Olivia, Octavia vein. Well, the French é is difficult to translate to an English speaker, but it isn't "ay" in a way that rhymes with bay or lay -- not so broad a sound. This lyrical, literary name might be a great fit for your little one. Rae. All you have to do is enter the sibling names. Phelia, Ophélie, ". If you're looking for a strong, but somewhat elegant name, Odessa might be just the ticket. There is also a gutsy Ophelia in Harriet Beecher Stowe's 1852 Uncle Tom's Cabin, which seems to have had some influence on baby namers at the time. Also try our, Top Boy Names, Girl Names, And Unisex Names For December 2018, Baby Names Inspired By The Trump Family Tree. That's like going into Juliet territory. I think Ophelia and Delphine would make the cutest twin girl names. Simply enter names you like and let this genius technology inspire you to find the perfect name. Ophelie, (Fortunately, I'm not having kids, so no children have to live with my name choices. It gives your child options. like Christopher Oliver Orion Lucas -- COOL. Comments from original poster (1) Comments from original poster (1) Load more . Maybe if it was a real person, I guess. It's between ay and eh, especially a Spanish eh. I like this name a lot. Octavia on the other hand has some zip. It just sounds odd to me, I love this name as well as the french version of it. included! Name Guru to the Stars: Baby Names for Chrissy Teigen, Ed Sheeran, and more! Use our sibling name generator to find the perfect names that sound good together! Brielle. Babble noted that this name means "God's spear" in English and "deer friend" in Irish traditions. Our daughter doesn't represent an old play that she will probably never read or hear about in high school. When Ophelia goes mad, the songs she sings contain hints about what is troubling her. If you are planning to buy another pet because you are sorry to see your little one playing all by himself, or if you simply bought a pair of dogs, cats, birds, or fish, then, you may feel dazed and confused as to what to call them. Yeah- she was technically drowning herself, but I've never seen a more beautiful sequence of dance in all the ballets I've been too. Emmett, Gerard, Emmanuel, Leopold, Ralph, Gilbert, Clement. Is this name really going to skyrocket even further?? Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Please keep sending questions! (French) sort And sure, your first thought might be "Annie Oakley" (the renowned markswoman who performed in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show), but she was a pretty fierce feminist role model for the back in the day, so go with it. We are naming our daughter Ophelia Belle and her nickname is Fia and Fia Belle. I'm an Australian, so I can imagine people pronouncing the name 'I feel ya' in a bogan accent. This adorable name is just as fitting for a baby as it is for a fully-grown adult, which isn't always the case when it comes to names. ok ophelia was no more crazy than hamlet lmao and it's a beautiful name! Please add to or correct the information provided by other members of the Nameberry community. Use it only if you're prepared for the jokes. You'll note that my name is Juliet, also a tragic Shakespearean character, but I feel the name bears less weight since the character didn't go insane. I think it's pretty. Popular Name Combinations . The lines quoted above suggest that Ophelia and Hamlet may have had a sexual relationship, or at least that some form of sexual desire existed between them. Nameberry noted that Owen is a Welsh name meaning "young warrior" and "well-born." You can combine up to 4 sibling names. Actually, Shakespeare did not invent this name, but rather took it from Sannazaro's poem "Arcadia". But it's pretty badass, too, which I love. 10 Baby Names That Make Great Middle Names For Boys, 5 Reasons You Should Give Your Child A Middle Name. Middle names help distinguish between other people who have the same first and last name. Quite like ethereal/ regal names. That said, we still love the name and now with the new popular song "Ophelia" by the Lumineers - great song! :( I don't want my kid to be one of 5 Ophelias in class.... "Philia" itself has a positive meaning. It's a wonderful choice for a little girl who's just as sweet as her name. Ophelia is a beautiful name that has long been hampered by the stigma of Hamlet's tragic heroine—for whom he seems to have invented the name—but more and more parents are beginning to put that association aside. Ophelia Francesca. "In the 2001 novel American Gods by Neil Gaiman, the character called Wednesday is an incarnation of the god Odin.". She usually just goes by Lily or Lily-O. This beautiful name has roots in Russian and Hebrew and means "praise God," as The Bump noted. I think it's such a pretty name and Effie is the cutest nickname for it. Octavio is a Latin name meaning "the eighth," Baby Center noted. - the Shakespearean tarnish on the name may be dissipating. (It's also the name of a super cute dog character from children's book author and illustrator Todd Parr's series of stories and cartoons.). Use our sibling name generator to find the perfect names that sound good together! It might be just the right choice for the baby for which you've been waiting. Boys name to go with Ophelia. I would say because Ophelia is a longer name, to go with a short middle name. You obviously love grand, classical, beautiful feminine names. Your little one is your prized jewel, so naming her after an actual rare stone might be a pretty good idea. Juliet is being super popular, and I think Shakespear's Juliet was bat-shit crazier than Ophelia. In that case the meaning would be "Love Of" because that's what those suffixes mean. Our daughter is her own person, her own definition of Ophelia. Comment. In the US, O names remain relatively rare, with only Olive, Ophelia, Oakley and Oaklyn joining Olivia in the Top 500 girl names in recent years. This unique Scandinavian name just might be the very best choice for your little strong warrior. Especially if it brings to mind visions of the very cute dog/cat buddy film, The Adventures Of Milo & Otis. How? Boy/ girl sibling suggestions to go with my daughters name, ‘Ophelia’. There aren't many names that flow well with it! If you enter John into Magic Baby Names, Mary will appear as a suggestion. It's also got a strong, hearty sort of vibe to it: Nothing is going to bring Olga down! I LOVE Benedict xx. edit: I love Ophelia Saint which Dave Grohl picked out though!!!!! I love it so much :) I don't get why people care so much about the play like who cares? I'm naming our baby who is due this month Ophelia, too. Having a baby boy? If you're hoping you have a little adventurer on your hands, Odessa is an excellent choice. Among the actresses who have played modern non-Shakespearean Ophelias are Jamie Lee Curtis and Blake Lively.

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