You may need to use the pliers to remove the peg. Drop the ball end of the new string in the bridge hole and replace the pin. 4. As you turn the key and wind the string around the post, make sure that the string coils from the top of the post downward toward the headstock surface. Crease (or kink) the string at the top of the tuning-post hole toward the inside of the guitar (away from the tuning key). After you remove the old strings and pull out the bridge pins, follow this process to restring your acoustic guitar: 1. You may have to do this three or four times, but the whole procedure shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes. To help get the stretchiness out of the string, pull on the string gently but firmly, bringing it directly above the fingerboard, and then tune the string up to pitch by turning the key. Pull the new string until you feel the ball end come up against the bottom of the bridge pin. There are a few reasons why a bridge pin can become stuck. Take it slowly. Do not let the Tug on the string to make sure the pin doesn’t pop out, but make sure not to crease the string as you grip it for tugging. 5. Turn the tuning key so the string wraps around the post. Following this procedure ensures that the strings wrap from the middle of the neck over the top of the post and to the outside of the guitar (toward the tuning key). Nothing you do in stringing a guitar is permanent, even when you crease or coil a string in the process! How to Play an E Major Chord in the Guitar, How to Tune Up a New Electric Guitar Amplifier. It shouldn't take much, just a little nudge to the side with the screwdriver … New strings will continue to stretch (causing them to go flat) even after you tune them up to pitch. Insert the string end through the appropriate tuning-post hole. Notice the excess string winding resting against the ball-end. 6. 2. Make sure that your guitar is on a stable surface and place it on a towel so that its finish won’t get scratched. For example, the environment in which you keep your guitar can cause its wooden … Secure the ball end of the string against the underside of the bridge to sustain tone. 2. Now, replace the bridge pin back into the hole, aligning the carved slot of the pin with the string. This is a string that was made in the USA by a very well known string company. Slide the ball-end of the string down a couple of inches into the hole in the bridge. Note that there is a small ball on one side of the string. 3. If you think you haven’t executed a step correctly, simply undo what you’ve done and start over. 4. After you remove the old strings and pull out the bridge pins, follow this process to restring your acoustic guitar: 1. Clip away the excess string sticking out of the tuning post. Pull the new string until you feel the ball end come up against the bottom of the bridge pin. If you don’t have wire cutters available, loop the excess string into a circle or break the string by repeatedly bending the string back and forth across the crease. Be sure that the string is inside the appropriate nut slot before the string becomes too taut to manipulate it further. One difference between changing guitar strings on and acoustic versus and electric guitar is that an acoustic uses removable bridge pins to hold the strings in place at the bridge. For the three lower strings, turn the tuning key so the posts rotate counterclockwise; for the three higher strings, the posts should rotate clockwise. This string is brand new, and demonstrates another ball-end loop with poor workmanship. Cut the wire as close to the tuning post as your wire cutters will reach so the point doesn’t jab you in the finger! 8. For the three lower (in pitch) strings, kink the string to the right as you face the guitar; for the three higher strings, kink to the left. If you have too much string, you’ll run out of room on the post before the string is tightened up to pitch. For this job, you will need a pair of pliers, string snips, a string winder (with built-in bridge pin puller) and some fresh guitar strings. The ball-end is contoured brass that has been nicely powder coated black. Drop the ball end of the new string in the bridge hole and replace the pin. The string may want to flop around as you start to coil the string, so use your other hand to control it. 3. The bridge can probably be considered the most common place where guitar strings tend to break. I just take a small jeweler's type screwdriver or pencil and loosen it.

If that happens, simply loosen the string, pull a little more string through the post hole, re-kink the string, and begin the winding process again. Bridge pins require a little more fiddling to get them to secure correctly to the string in place at the bridge.

After each pull, the string will be flat (under pitch), so repeat the process of pulling the string with your fingers and tuning up until the string no longer goes flat after you pull it. Bring the string up to the proper pitch by turning the tuning key slowly. Sharp Bridge. After removing the peg, you will be able to pull out the other half of the broken string. Notice that this end of the string has a ball or ring shaped end. As you do this, the coils around the post tighten, the slack in the string disappears, and the string begins to produce a recognizable musical pitch. Uncoil your brand new string from its package. Pull out the peg that holds down the broken string.

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