Cabbage Soup on the Stovetop: 1) Heat a large nonstick pot or dutch oven over medium heat, add … For drinks- unsweetened teas, cranberry juice and water. Even though cabbage soup offers quick weight loss, but it is not necessary that the weight loss is healthy. Thus, it is a fat-free, home-made soup. 4th Day: Drink skim milk (unlimited) and up to eight bananas. Check out these 4 diets that will help you lose weight. In this diet program, you are allowed to take particular foods that comprise of low calories, such as skim milk, beef, and fruits, excluding bananas. The basic diet cabbage soup is made with ingredients such as tomato juice, water, vegetables, as well as its broth, garlic, onions, canned tomatoes and a head of cabbage. Your body just won't have enough gas in the tank for exercise. 3rd Day: Again take unlimited fruits, excluding bananas. You can eat as much soup as you want at any time during the day. Your calorie count drops as a result and you achieve the calorie deficit required for the weight loss. Day 1: Any fruit except bananas. This easy recipe makes a big batch for lunches or veggie … It is obvious that the cabbage soup is the single most essential feature of the diet. So if you are looking forward to starting this diet, first understand its pros and cons. One bowl of cabbage soup consists of approximately 50 to 100 calories. Thus, it is a fat-free, home-made soup. Besides, results are usually short term. As the name suggests, the diet requires that you eat large amounts of cabbage soup for seven days. You can find recipes of different variations of the basic cabbage soup on the internet. 1st Day: You can have unlimited fruits, but exclude banana as it is a high-calorie food. 5th Day: Have 5 to 6 tomatoes (fresh) and 10 to 20 ounces (0.76 kg) of poultry or beef. Check Out U.S. New’s Recommendations for Best Diets, Diet Keto: How To Get Started and What You Need To Know, Diet with No Carbs: Guideline for Beginners, Diet High In Fiber: What You Need To Know, Diet With No Sugar: How To Make It Work For You. The cabbage soup diet is generally considered a fad diet. Every day you have to consume this soup along with particular foods for just a week. … Loaded with cabbage, carrots, bell pepper, tomato and plenty of seasoning, this healthy vegetable soup packs in lots of flavor and is ultra-satisfying.

2nd Day: Increase the intake of unlimited cooked, raw and fresh vegetables, however, exclude corn, potatoes, peas and beans. Along with that, add different spices, such as chili powder, cayenne pepper, sriracha sauce and tobacco sauce to spice up your meals so you do not get bored. The basic diet cabbage soup is made with ingredients such as tomato juice, water, vegetables, as well as its broth, garlic, onions, canned tomatoes and a head of cabbage. Every day you have to consume this soup along with particular foods for just a week. Here is an example of complete 7 day plan that you have to follow in the cabbage soup diet.

No bread, alcohol, or carbonated beverages, including diet sodas. Exercise: The cabbage soup diet doesn't include exercise, and working out at high levels isn't a great idea on such a low-calorie diet. Day 2: Any and all vegetables, baked potato with butter for dinner. 7th Day: Eat vegetables, unsweetened fruit juice, and brown rice (unlimited). Restrict the intake of alcohol and artificial or real sugar when you are on this diet. During this week you can also eat some fruits and vegetables, chicken, beef and brown rice. The soup has a large amount of fiber content which helps in keeping you full all day.

Eat only your soup and the fruit for the first day. Diet Plan: Day One: Fruit: Eat all of the fruit you want (EXCEPT BANANAS). The diet cabbage food is basically a fad diet in which you have to take cabbage soup multiple times for a week. While the original called for cooking the soup for a full hour, an amount of time that would essentially destroy all of the nutrients in the cabbage and other veggies, the newer version suggests cooking the soup for only 20 to 30 minutes after being brought to a boil. Diet High in Protein: Why is it Significant? The ingredients:

In addition, consume the cabbage soup multiple times a day, along with plenty of water to hydrate yourself. The cabbage soup diet requires you eat large amounts of cabbage soup for a week. You cannot continue this diet for more than a week, if you want to repeat this diet, then a 14-day gap is necessary. The cabbage soup diet allows you to eat all of the cabbage soup you like in addition to adding certain foods on specific days throughout the week. This is the formula to lose weight by following this diet. Day Two: Vegetables: Eat …

It sometimes becomes boring to have similar meals. During that time, you can also eat … When you have the cabbage soup, you are taking fewer calories and not even feeling hungry. By the end of 7 days, you can successfully lose 10 pounds.

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