Followers can easily lose their confidence in their leader. Individual followers also develop problem-solving skills. Leaders that insist on the same as considered indecisive (Wart 2012). Leadership can also be described as a complex activity that involves the process of influencing, the leaders and the followers and a range of possible results which could either be the attainment of goals, the commitment of the individuals to the goals, improvement of group unity and corporation (Polelle, 2007). How does autocratic leadership affect performance?

There is a natural respect for the ideas and thoughts of their co-workers, worker, even in disagreement because the different perspectives allow everyone to reach their goals with greater simplicity. Honesty flourishes which lead to collective working because the opinions of every individual are taken into consideration. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages with some deemed applicable in many situations than others. Chemers, Martin. In the process, they find it easy to solve complex and strategic problems. It builds a stronger vision for the future. It maintains the final decision-making authority. Democratic leaders also foster a creative environment as they encourage innovation and input of members.

This leadership style is ineffective during crisis situations. An entire team might decide that they should move in a different direction than the course of action that was decided upon by their supervisor. This as seen in the democratic leadership style, incorporates the members of the group into the decision making.

It is through it that they come up with unique solutions and strategies regarding how to survive the market. Often, such leaders think innovatively and encourage their followers to do the same. In this style of leadership, group member are also considered as the part of decision making. Leaders accustomed to democratic leadership may struggle to navigate through complex situations that only they can solve (Schedlitzki and Edwards 2012).

For instance, creative designers thrive under democratic leadership because of the nurture and support usually embodied in this approach (Wart 2012). However, the democratic style has a leader who still has to make the final decision and to guide the group.

As such, this increases their performances and productivity (Schedlitzki and Edwards 2012).

There are various leadership styles that have been formulated by different philosophers and leaders. It is clear that leaders have to involve others the coming up with solutions to different issues.

This style makes stronger commitment levels appear because there is more ownership of the task that is required.

So it will give everyone an opportunity to expand their knowledge base. They want their direct report to feel like there is a benefit to earn when they contribute their knowledge and experience to an outcome. Another may be graphic designer, By giving each person a chance to continue their personal expertise to the conversion. Applying democratic leadership in some situations can lead to a leader coming across as being indecisive. This reduces the options available to them. Giving one or a few individuals the power to make all the decisions without regard for others increases the risk that the leader will not act in a manner that serves the interests of the majority.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Democratic Leadership. This democratic style involves the impression that every individual by virtue of their human status should take part in decision making in the group (Lussier and Achua, 2009). The group desires, the organization and the personal attributes confines the limits of the democratic involvement of the group members. The goal should be to pick the best option (Wart 2012). Conversely, this is not always the case as there are times when a leader is better placed to decide the way forward alone with consulting with anyone.

Establishing a teamwork culture under democratic leadership practices is easy.

This leadership style does not always come with a clear definition or meaning. This leadership style creates increased group motivation, high productivity and good and improved participation by the group members. Leaders that consult but choose to ignore everything shared by their people also experience conflicts.

Why is the autocratic leadership style most effective? With increased job satisfaction, individuals are more than willing to execute roles and duties allocated to them by their leaders. Some leaders do not know how to correctly use this technique.

New York, NY: Psychology Press. This explains why leaders avoid this approach when dealing with urgent decisions. They are the approaches to giving directions carrying out plans and prompting people.

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