It’s called by a variety of terms—“baking sheets,” “parchment paper,” “backpapier,” and others.

Are these safe? I bake mainly rolls, once or twice a week, lining a 18 x 13 half sheet pan. I am team silicone because it reduces waste!! I’ve always used silicone mats for cookies and parchment for everything else.
Parchment paper is the best choice for cooking, as most brands can withstand temperatures up to about 420 degrees Fahrenheit (double-check your package to be safe). Adding another item for washing feels overwhelming.

Silicone for cookies and parchment for anything over 400 degrees.

Editor’s note: This post has been clarified to note that there are some use cases for wax paper in the oven, though not as a direct replacement for parchment paper. Does anyone know the difference and which would work better for making sugar cookies?

In the case of parchment paper, it helps to break it down to its main basic parts in the modern day: Cellulose, the basic chemical compound that composes plant life, and from which paper is made; and silicone, a kind of polymer made from a mixture of a silicon-oxygen compound, carbon, and hydrogen.

Pretty sure the width of the roll is 15" though. I'm wondering if anyone knows the difference in these papers. If you bake at higher temps, like pizza directly on a 500 degree stone, it will not be much reuseable.

Be sure to check out the front page of the website, too—it's full of cool stuff. Content posted by community members is their own. (hue12 photography/Unsplash). You were more likely to see someone using parchment paper on TV in 2003 than you might have been in the 1970s, fact of matter. If you won't be heating the paper you can use wax paper which is coated with paraffin, however paraffin has a low melting point and it can't be used in a hot oven or it will burn. But when it comes to French Macarons – silicone performs best! But if it is not, usually the shiny side is treated with silicon which has the nonstick characteristics.
Also I think it can be used at a higher temperature without danger of fire. I have never seen special silicone-coated parchment paper -- however I do know that the regular parchment paper has silicone in it anyway -- that's why it's OK at higher temperatures in the oven (as compared to waxed paper).Maybe that special silicone-coated paper is an in-between step from regular parchment paper to a Silpat.

If I'm doing lots of cookies, I can reuse the parchment several times. You should use this best-rated Reynolds parchment paper rolls. (Click here for ten more ideas for using sheet pans!).

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