My husband is a bread maker at heart so likes to do things properly!! Mines turned out quite small so I'm quite sad but hey ho pizzas pizza!! I tried making this today but it didnt rise around the edge and so it was more like a tortilla pizza than a normal one! I freeze them as balls and then defrost and roll as before but you could roll them out and freeze them if you wanted to! Place the dough back in the bowl, and cover the bowl with cling film or a damp towel. Tip the dough back out on to the surface and knead for another minute or so, and then portion it into 60g sections. You may want to remove this to stop fellow dieters thinking they can have pizza this way, Hi Jayne, actually there are certain wholemeal bread mixes (not individual flours) which can be used as your HexB and this has been confirmed by Slimming World. I've brought a Sainsbury's bread mix and im now worried that its not ok can you tell me if its ok or not Love this recipe and am currently using it. Amazing! Cant wait to have pizza tonight! I freeze as dough but you could do either depending on what is easiest for you. Hi Hi Caitlan, all of the info is up in the post. It's well worth making, I'm sure you'll enjoy it :) I'm so pleased you like the recipe, take care yourself too! thanks, Hi Louise, sorry its taken me a while to reply! Hi Jason! Maybe leave it a little thicker next time to give the dough something to work with :) Hope that helps! Thanks Darlene, hope it turned out OK for you! Cliona, Thank you for a wonderful recipe!! This is up to your personal choice though! Absolutely wonderful?I love pizza and have one once a week! Pour the rest of the bread mix into a large bowl and then add the warm water. The edges normally only rise a little in the oven, any area with sauce or toppings won't really rise but the edges should go up a tiny bit at least! xx, Looks great but wouldnt it be 60g of baked mix once cookeddrather than 60g of dough x, Hi Jo, yes you're right. So so glad you like the recipe ? Hi Kate, I believe it's the Asda mix you can use :) I just stick to 60g wet dough, although this does come out as slightly less when cooked I think it's better safe than sorry! If you are looking at following the plan and still very confused check out my ultimate guide to HEB. If you want to double the size it's only an extra six syns!!! Unfortunately after looking into I can confirm that the tesco bread mix is actually syned. Hope you can help is the Tesco one in a green pack and called crusty bread mix? I'd recommend working out the fibre content of the packet mix and making sure the nomads version you're doing is the same, that way there won't be much in it! A great guide to the Slimming World healthy extra B. This should take about 35 minutes. I can't imagine why they would have as every Slimming World-er out there must have been flocking to buy it! I will roll it out thinner too as mine was a bit c Secondly, I use mozzarella light from lidl and also mix in WW small amount of cheese is this okay? However…drum roll please…I can now 100% confirm that you can indeed have completely syn free pizza on Slimming World! Delicious syn free pizza using your Healthy Extra A and B choice! Hi, would anyone be able to list the HEXB bread mixes that we are allowed to use now , also how much in weight did we establish we can have in the uncooked form? Thanks for commenting! ? Yes it has to be one of the approved wholemeal bread mixes and you can freeze the bases :). Managed to get 10 balls for the freezer, the first time I had it was on a sp day so I doubled the amount of dough but was just as good having half the amount I just make sure I roll it as thin as I can! Individually save the leftover portions in cling film or zip lock bags and put them in the freezer for another time! Top with whatever other toppings you've chosen. hope that helps! I froze the rest of the sauce so that i can just whack it together when I get the urge! I've never had any problem with the defrosted dough if I've proved it the first time round so hopefully that will help! And these both state a 60g slice is heb, not the whole packet made up, Hi Jayne, as you can see in the recipe the dough once made up is portioned into 60g portions, to make sure it stays within your HexB options. Stumbled across this recipe and cooked it this afternoon. Not a problem as it was very delicious but still wondering why it didn't rise in the cooker. Add syns if you have already eaten those. Hi Cas, thank you so much for your lovely comment! Hi what mix is it from asda please I went yesterday but was unable to find it i really want to make it lol. I couldn't find the mix in tesco when I popped in today. Tookthem out, set them next to a warm over for 40mins and they grew in size. Hi if you have used your hex a and b how many syns would it be? What may have happened is that the dough was under proved because of the time in the fridge, this would have slowed the yeast down and just meant that the dough hadn't developed enough before you cooked it. What do you do when defrosted, can you just roll out like before? Hi Hayley, the recipe is for making multiple pizzas. Hi, I've not yet done the SP but I'm making myself a plan now to do so.. does this mean I can use the mix as one of my HexB and then I've still got an allowance for another HexB? tia. Using a rolling pin, and more of your leftover bread mix to dust the surface, roll out however many pizza bases you want to make. heather. I’ve popped the recipe for the tomato sauce online too, so this recipe is going to be pretty straightforward, because at the end of the day you really just want to make pizza as quickly as possible! If you are new member of Slimming World and still completely confused I would highly recommend starting at Step 1. I freeze it, I think that sometimes it doesn't rise quite as well after but it still tastes great! Thankyou so much for this recipe I love it!! laggy! Unfortunately after looking into I can confirm that the tesco bread mix is actually syned. Hi Caitlan, lovely to hear from you! Do you have any idea on what it was that I did wrong to cause the dough not to rise....the only thing I can think is that it was because it was in the freezer for a few mins or that I stored it in the fridge before using. You want to get the base very thin, to get the best sized pizza possible. It seems about 32g of the dry bread mix makes 60g when mixed and cooked so i am going to try this option and see how I get on! I mentioned it in Group this eve and nobody knew about the bread mixes being an Hex B. I had to post a link to here on our group Facebook page as lots of people want to make it now. Good luck going back to Slimming World!!! it didn't rise in the oven at all?? Hi. I hope that helps! Set aside two table spoons of the bread mix to use for dusting the surfaces. Thank you for a delicious and filling pizza . I struggle with time in the evenings after school and work and before kids clubs so I will be having to prep a lot and freeze on a weekend.. Hi, I can't tell you how excited I was to read your post!! Thank you for your input, but I promise you that I've looked into this a lot before posting and I can confirm that all of the information above is correct. Hopefully this will prompt SW to put the Tesco one on the app instead! Copyright © 2016. It's very kind of you to go to the trouble of making this post for everyone. As written above you use 60g for your one pizza and then save the rest/make up more bases as you wish :), You can still do the recipe but with Aldi wholemeal bread mix or Asda wholemeal bread mix as your HEXB, I have looked on the website and the only two bread mixes that can be used as a heb option are aldi the pantry crusty wholemeal bread mix and asda chosen by you wholemeal bread mix. I love it on SP days! x, Hello Using your HexB (60g of cooked bread mix) and your HexA (40g of grated Mozzarella) as well as the very delicious syn free pizza sauce that I’ve concocted, as well as whatever syn free toppings you like, you can create pizza that will not only keep you on track for weight loss, but would actually be viable if you’re doing an SP day! Everyone else's just look bigger than mine!!! Hi, do you know how much dry bread mix makes up 60g wet dough mix? The best way to do this is to roll using a rolling pin at first, and then stretch the pizza base using your hands. It's a little bit easier than writing it out again :). I know that the age of the packet mix can make a difference (I made a loaf of bread the other day using it that went terribly because it had been sat in my cupboard for a while!) Good luck x. Hi!

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