Nynorsk which despite the literal meaning (new Norwegian) is actually an older 'truer' form of the language, so this gives some indication to what the Old Norse language would have looked like. We will also discover that there were great variations in how they were written. FEN Learning is part of Sandbox Networks, a digital learning company that operates education services and products for the 21st century. Last Updated (Friday, 05 October 2012 17:20), Joomla 1.5 Templates Joomla Web Hosting However, the spellings of the Nordic versions of Thomson (eg Thomsen, Thomsson etc) appear to be consistent with the pronunciation of the modern Nordic languages. When christianity was imposed, people gradually started to name their children after saints and persons mentioned in the bible. Given the supposed first recorded spelling (1318) and the 'son' ending, a possible Anglo-Saxon origin (ie Old English) seems unlikely. Similar reasoning suggest that Danish origin is also unlikely. It is quite interesting, the names are from a court hearing. The parents information is from the 1801 census. Thompson, however, seems to be an aberration of all the languages (including modern English). Have a Norwegian last name? (I might have been his two sons who wanted to change to Estrem), Source: 1895 - Goodhue County, MN - County history book, Source: 1895 MN state census, emunerated with son, Andrew Estrem, Source: 1900 census - Holden, Goodhue County, MN, Source: Died May 17, 1901. People also started to use names consisting of only one component, and those are believed to originally have been "nicknames", as they usually were descriptive of the person. It is also a problem when searching the online sources for farm names, that there were variations of those names also. The patronymic is in general the fathers name as a prefix, and "sen", "son" or "søn" as a suffix for males, and "datter" or "dotter" as a suffix for females. Norwegian-Americans often Americanized their names. As an example my great-great-great-grandmother from Eid in Norfjord was entered in the church records as "Giøde" when she was baptized, "Jødda" when she was confirmed, and "Gyda" in the 1865 census. In this way the names told quite a bit about a person. From Jeen Spencer on the NORWAY-List I got some very illustrating examples on how names would change, and how differently they can appear in different sources: On the passenger list for the Harmonie, 1849, you will find #34 "Osmund Halvorsen" with his wife "Ingeborg Lisabet Torbjørbsdotter" and five children. Solem, Solum or Solheim describes a farm on a place with a lot of sun. The old vikings believed that the child would achieve qualities and protection from what they were named after, like animals and weapons. They are often descriptive of the landscape. Richard married "Maren Anna", who only used the name "Anna". Some spellings drop the 'h' in Scandinavian variants. Your use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When naming a child it was a custom to use a component from both the father's and the mother's name for the first born of both sexes, and from other relatives names for the next siblings. The old norse names originally consisted of two components, a prefix and a suffix. By making a donation you will help keep this site the great resource that it is! For more parenting tips and tricks, find us on Pinterest: Are you a writer, expert, or influencer? The older Nordic languages have a 'th' sound that is separate from 't', which suggests a slight inconsistency of Thomson with Old Norse but pronunciation has likely evolved (for one) and the difference between 'th' and 't' may have varied by dialect or even varied from word to word. I'll mention the old norse naming traditions first, even though it might not be relevant to us when searching for our ancestors. This name belongs to a dwarf in the Völuspá, a 13th-century Scandinavian manuscript that forms part of the Poetic Edda. Alfred the Great was a 9th-century king of Wessex who fought unceasingly against the Danes living in northeast England. The first born daughter was usually named after her paternal grandmother, and the second born daughter after her maternal grandmother. The modern English pronunciation of Thomson doesn't seem to fit well with the rules of spelling and pronunciation. Some Norwegian historians were working on a project in finding a standard for transcription of historical data from censuses to digital databases. He was the son of Anders Torkjelson Gåsdeilde and Gunhild Arnfinsdatr. By naming their children after a saint they may have believed that this would give the child some kind of protection, like the old norse names. Source: 1860 census - Holden, Goodhue Cty., Minnesota, Source: 1870 census- Holden, Goodhue County, Holden, MN, Source: 1877 Holden Township, Goodhue Cty., MN plat map, Source: 1880 census - Goodhue County, MN - Source: Microfilmed census record and Digitalarkivet, Source: 1885 MN state census, - first time that the name Estrem appears. Get in touch! These nicknames does of corse have their origin from some kind of characteristic with the person, of from a event involving the person. The oldest known form is "Anulaibar", constructed of the prefix "anu" which means "ancestor", and the suffix "laibar" which means "descendant" or "heir". * after a piece of information, e.g. Icelandic and Anglo-Saxon also give a good indication to Old Norse. Source: Digitalarkivet, Norwegians in US - 1850 census - Winneshiek, Iowa, (census taker must not have spoken Norwegian)! Your partner in parenting from baby name inspiration to college planning. My ancestor "Johannes Olsen Solem" got his full name because his parents christened him "Johannes" and his fathers name was "Ole", and they lived on the "Solem" farm. What we see, when working with the sources like censuses and passenger lists, is that names tend to have many quite similar forms. Source: Land records - Winneshiek, Iowa, Decorah Genealogy Assn., Decorah, Iowa, Source: Marriage license -February 21, 1854, Decorah Genealogy Assn., Decorah, Iowa (Married Marit Knudsdtr.). "Ole" is actually a Danish form of the Norwegian "Olav" or "Olafr", which is an old norse name. He followed his parents who had emigrated in 1847 on the Kong Sverre, and apparently most of the family began using variations of the name, Osman, Osmandson, Osmanson as surnames. The 'th' sound in Thomson has a silent 'h' which is familiar to modern German, Norwegian (bokmÃ¥l), Swedish. @ is used as a separator between two alternative readings of the original when it is impossible to decide which is the correct one. Download this stock image: In 1854, a Norwegian named John A.Thompson made a bargain to continue postal service through the winter for $200 per month. However, many of the old norse names are popular today in some form or another. Political Compass: the road towards an invariant expression of opinion, The similarity between Scottish and Scandinavian words, Etymology and phonology of Thomson (or why ThomPson is not correct), http://www.thompsonbranch.me/etymology.htm, http://genealogy.about.com/od/surname_meaning/p/thompson.htm. Nynorsk: The pronunciation is apparently: /sÃ¥:n/  . What a nice name for a genealogist to find, but you don't want an ancestor by the name of "Ole Olsen", if you do not have any other information! You must also have in mind that when you tell a search engine to do the search for you, it will only recognize exactly what you tell it to. A patronymic name (pater=father, lat.) The prefix is "Sol" (sun) and suffix "heim" (home). Despite this I'm left wondering why people always spell my name wrong. The Thomson variant is simpler to spell and if one was lazy you'd think they'd default to that version (especially in Scotland). Etymology favours Thomson and there is also a stronger phonological basis for that variant; trying to spell the name as it sounds should at least lead to Tomson or Thomson but (most definitely) not ThomPson. Swedish: the 'o' of son sounds like English 'oh'.

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