You should also check out the follow-up article “5 bonus ideas that will make your Project Timeline Template even more useful” which you can find by clicking here. In the above example you will see 3 milestones as vertical lines. The Gantt Chart template (and especially the Pro version) is great for project scheduling and detailed task scheduling. Next, hide the Y (vertical) axis values as follows: At this point, your chart should resemble the one shown in Figure F. As is, you don't know what the markers represent, so let's display data labels to identify the markers as follows: The labels will display the priority values. You can add the records anywhere, but you might as well work within the existing structure, as shown in Figure I. The number you see is the one you need. Then replace the “Duration” column with the calculation “= End Date – Start Date” to give the number of days duration (replace the ‘End date’ and ‘Start date’ with the actual cell references). Copy the formulas in the previous column into the new column. You can see in the screenshot above that I got rid of some things we don’t need: I also chose to display Data labels and position them left of the data points. To use it in your situation I suggest you follow these steps: As you are dealing with 40 projects and may need to relabel your chart I strongly suggest you check out Idea 5. install XY Chart Labeler in my bonus article: The timeline chart does not appear with the download. So you must save the timeline spreadsheet as .xlsx file (2007+ compatible) and the X-error bars do not disappear. Here is download link for this Project Timeline Template 25. It looks like saving as .xls file (2003 compatible) causes this problem.

Thanks for the great feedback on the free Launch Excel Timeline Template. Click the Axes arrow and uncheck Primary Vertical, as shown in. Then change the format to general number format. A project timeline, similar to the one shown in Figure A, shares the project's overall schedule and progress while communicating each task's relationship to the others. If you’re managing a team, try a template of a timeline … Victor, But when you use this for live projects I suggest you replace the fixed date in cell B2 with the formula Here are instructions for how to change the event label text: If you find this step too difficult or cumbersome, you could use VBA to make it faster – and I revisit this idea in my followup article (click here). Add Chart Legend using textboxes linked to cell text. • MS Excel is great for a quick and cheap solution to projects that are relatively simple. Right-click on the axis and select Format Axis. P.S. Thank you for sharing this information and for your insights. The instructions in this article are written for Excel 2010 as that is the version of Excel I used to make the template.

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