Perhaps the most flavorful summer apple, this apple is also known as the Minnewashta Apple. It was bred to be shapelier and redder thus giving it the name change to Red Delicious. It has a crisp white flesh that is slightly tart and becomes sweeter as the days get colder. It is known as one of the best cooking apples. The Beacon Apple is a cross between the Wealthy and Malinda apples.

The Gala was first introduced from New Zealand in 1965.

I want an apple that is flavorful with a more mellow texture. Originated as a chance seedling behind the smokehouse of a Bird-in-Hand farm in the 1800's making it a Lancaster County specialty.

The Macspur is a sport variety of the McIntosh Apple. Probably the best-flavoured of the pink-fleshed apple varieties, and produces lovely pink juice. CSA in Chicago and Suburbs or Home Delivery, Store - Produce Delivered Anywhere in Chicagoland.

It was developed in Geneva, New York in 1968.

This will ensure your deer eat your fruit in a few years and not your trees this year.

Many people prefer them green.

It was developed to naturally resist diseases allowing it to be grown nearly chemical free.

This exotic variety is best eaten fresh. A natural dwarf. Used at Kauffman's for making tart apple schnitz. It has a crisp juicy flesh. The McIntosh Apple has a distinct perfume-like aroma.

Listed in the order of ripening, with the right combination it is possible to harvest all season long!

The Red Delicious apple originated as the Delicious apple in Peru, Iowa in 1880 as a yellow apple with a blush. It’s most popular use is in Calvados, a French Apple Brandy.

Zone 5-9.

Its flavor is sweet and very similar to a Fuji apple. It is also used in Calvados, a French Apple Brandy. The McIntosh Apple has a distinct perfume-like aroma.

It was bred to be shapelier and redder thus giving it the name change to Red Delicious. The Porter is also great eaten fresh. Wealthy Apple is originally from Excelsior, MN. The Akane is an excellent keeper and makes an excellent dried apple. Hardy to Zone 2. It has a crisp and juicy yellow flesh. This apple has a distinctive aromatic flavor which is slightly tart. The Redmax is a sport variety of McIntosh apples which reddens more.

Combines the best traits of both its parents, Red Delicious and McIntosh. The Honeygold was originally grown at the University of Minnesota in 1935. A disease-resistant apple developed through the combined efforts of Purdue University, Rutgers University and the University of Illinois. It is a sweeter apple and is very juicy. Also known as the White Transparent, this is a Russian heirloom. On the tree the sight of so many large and handsomely coloured apples is a joy to behold and the lilac tinted blossom is rather attractive too. It is a firm apple and has a juicy flesh. Zone 2-8. It is an all purpose apple great for eating fresh, cooking, cider, or juice. The York Imperial has a juicy yellow flesh and it has a tart flavor. It tastes great fresh or in a dessert.

The Gala was first introduced from New Zealand in 1965. The Jonathan Apple, also known as the Philip Rick Apple, originated in New York in 1862. Zone 3-8. It is sometimes called the Crispin apple, but is more commonly known as the Mutsu. The Red Chief Delicious is a sport variety of the Red Delicious apple. A compact tree is also much easier to net if bird predation is a problem. This tree ripens at a perfect time during October, and continues dropping into the month of November.

It has a similarity to a McIntosh apple in appearance, but its taste is similar to a Spartan. It often used mildly to add flavor to ciders and juices.

The Shamrock is a cross between Spur McIntosh and Spur Golden Delicious apples. Also known as the Cayuga Red Streak, the Twenty Ounce apple is an heirloom apple variety which originated in New York in the early 1800s. It has a tangy flavor and is best eaten fresh and great when used as a dessert apple. A good late dessert variety similar to Cox in flavour but sharper and later ripening. Fruit tree gardening and general interest, Pippin Trees - ornamental trees for your garden. We suggest using at least one tart and one sweet apple. It will keep well in storage for long periods of time.

Ideal for all cooking, baking, sauce, and salad purposes. The Chisel Jersey produces biannually and is a rare find. The Shizuka is a cross between the Golden Delicious and Indo apples. It has a crisp white flesh and is generally a sweet apple. This is among the hardiest of varieties.

The thin skin enhances its fresh-eating pleasure. Discovered around the close of the Civil War by J. Stayman, this variety is one of the most popular cultivars grown at Kauffman's.

The Fuji apple is a cross of the Ralls Janet and Delicious apples. The Gala Apple is a cross between Kidd’s Orange Red and Golden Delicious Apples.

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