Yellow: Buttercup Seed ". Blue: Bluebell Flower Variants: Feeding it a turnip changes its color to purple. Level: Base Value 2: 300 REQUIREMENTS. There is also a Reddit forum (not managed by an administrator of the Wiki). After the egg makes its big jump whack it with your shovel and a Twingersnap baby will emerge. Orange: Bird of Paradise Flower Brown: Bullrush No, only Piñatas that were either hatched with or colored to have variants will have them. Yellow: Banana Split Pink: Water Lily Flower Green: Pea Pod Pink: Water Lily Flower This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Microsoft or Rare. Unlike normal piñatas which have three variants, the Flutterscotch has various colors of Flutterscotch species it can evolve into. Yellow: Sunflower Seed Visit requirements: Have 10 square pinometers of soil or grass (1%). So go ahead, edit an article and help make Viva Piñata Wiki the best Viva Piñata information source on the Internet! Robean Yellow: Mushroom Other information: Directing a Taffly to a piece of fruit will produce fertilizer (and unlock an achievement). Green: Gooseberry Pretztail Yellow: Banana Seed Blue: Bluebell Flower Blue: Bluebell Seed Pink: Bottle of Medicine To get informed about the television series, visit the Television series article. If you change the color of a piñata once you can't change it again. Sie können fliegen und sich an Wände heften. Orange: Orange Purple: Blackberry Seed Yellow: Buttercup Flower Matthew Cenance/Welcome to Wiki Community Blog! Blue: Bluebell Flower Smelba Welcome to the Viva Piñata Wiki, the wiki about Viva Piñata that anyone can edit! Post Comment. For instance, all 3 of the Eaglair and Galagoogoo variations reduce its base value of 4500 chocolate coins down to a mere 100. Well I used the page to compile a list and compared it with yours to make sure I had everything possible so far. Taffly, Twingersnap, Whirlm | Pinata species Viva Pinata Guide. Blue: Bluebell Flower Yellow: Sunflower Flower Blue: Bluebell Flower Black: Tulip Seed Orange: Tiger Lily Flower Green: Daisy Flower Purple: Nightshade Berry Pink: Water Lily Seed Orange: Pumpkin Lemmoning Dragumfly Feeding it a bottle of medicine changes its color to orange. Housing Cost: 165 coins. Purple: Snapdragon Flower Lackatoad Blue: Blueberry Muffin Fuchsia: Water Lily Flower Red: Water Lily Seed Viva Piñata Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Yellow: Honey Merely direct a Taffly to a piece of fruit, have it eat it, and it will produce fertilizer the same color as the chosen fruit. Orange: Venus Pinata Flower Custacean Cluckles White: Horseradish Orange: Buttercup Flower Orange: Carrot Blue: Bluebell Seed Pink: Bottle of Medicine Blue: Bluebell Flower Red: Chili Seed Other information: Whirlms are happier when sprinkled with water. This page was last modified on 1 August 2011, at 14:22. Shellybean Purple: Thistle Flower Pink: Bottle of Medicine Variants: Feeding it a snapdragon seed will change its color to purple. Red: Poppy Seed Matthew Cenance/Celebrating the ten years of the Wiki Community, Matthew Cenance/One week until the tenth anniversary of the wiki, Pink: Water Lily Flower Mousemallow Green: Watercress Flower Pink: Water Lily Flower Viva Piñata series. Orange: Jack 'o Lantern Pink: Medicine Das sind zwar coole Fähigkeiten, aber sie nutzen sie mit Vorliebe, um auf dem zu landen, was du gerade essen willst! Green: Oak Seed Romance requirements: Has eaten 1 poppy. Parrybo Romance requirements: Have eaten 1 Squazzil and 2 poppy seeds. Blue: Bluebell Seed Pink: Water Lily Seed Yellow/Green: Mushroom Green: Pea Pod The colorful and unique animals live and thrive in a growing garden where they interact with each other bringing adventure to life. Yellow: Banana Split Appear requirements: Have 10 square pinometers of soil or grass (1%). Green: Oak Seed There is also an Amino community (not managed by an administrator of the Wiki). By Paradox Paradox. Yellow: Cheese Inhaltsverzeichnis[Anzeigen] Anforderungen Erscheinen Du brauchst eine beliebige Blume im Garten Besuch Du brauchst 2 beliebige Blumen im Garten Bewohner Hat 1 beliebige Blume gegessen … It’s a world full of fun and imagination, and anything you want in your garden, you can have! Badgesicle White: Hemlock Flower Green: Watercress Flower Kittyfloss Anyone can edit almost any page, and we encourage you to do so (but please don't vandalize)! Blue: Bluebell Seed Base Value: 300 coins. Animal: Fly. White: Milk Just make ANY 5 variants to unlock this. Pink: Water Lily Seed White: Bone Black: Tulip Flower In Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise there is only one color variant for each piñata, however the Journal lists the requirements to obtain the color variant for this Piñata. Pink: Bottle of Medicine It is easy to edit pages, and it gets even easier as you edit the wiki more. Yellow: Sunflower Seed Yellow/Green: Cheese Crowla Moderated by: Otonyshi Otonyshi, Paradox Paradox. Yellow: Dandelion Flower Purple: Snapdragon Seed Blue: Bluebell Seed Green: Watercress Seed Blue: Bluebell Seed Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise Viva Piñata series. First, log in to Fandom, or create an account if you haven't already. Badgesicle Blue: Bluebell Flower Fuchsia: Water Lily Flower Red: Apple. Yellow: Buttercup Flower Blue: Blueberry Blue: Bluebell Flower 2008. White: Wool Blue: Bluebell Flower Pengum Blue: Bluebell Flower Green: Gooseberry Fool Green/Red: Watercress Flower Visit requirements: Have any 2 flowers in the garden. Purple: Thistle Flower Purple: Blackberry Seed Vulchurro Camello Pinata: Taffly. Looking for fanon content? Blue: Bluebell Flower Orange: Venus Pinata Flower Purple: Snapdragon Flower Orange: Bird of Paradise Seed Yellow: Sunflower Seed Some Piñatas can't help the way they are. Pink: Bottle of Medicine Orange: Pumpkin Pink: Cactus Flower Resident requirements: Has eaten 1 flower of any kind. Purpose [purposex] + III. Yellow: Buttercup Flower Grrrr. Green: Gooseberry Fool Pink: Water Lily Flower White Flutterscotch Bonboon Blue: Bluebell Flower Orange: Carrot Seed This wiki has information on the Viva Piñata games, Viva Piñata, Viva Piñata: Party Animals, Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, and Viva Piñata: Pocket Paradise. Green: Watercress Seed Last updated 18 Dec 2017, ArocknidBlue: Bluebell FlowerOrange: Jack 'o LanternPink: Water Lily Flower, BadgesicleBlue: Bluebell FlowerFuchsia: Water Lily FlowerRed: Apple, BarkbarkGreen: Poison Ivy FlowerYellow: Banana SplitPink/Purple: Bottle of Medicine, BispottiBlue: Bluebell SeedGreen: Watercress FlowerWhite: Bread, BonboonBlue: Bluebell FlowerWhite: Orchid FlowerOrange: Bird of Paradise Seed, BunnycombGreen: Gooseberry SeedOrange: PumpkinPink: Water Lily Flower, BuzzengeBlue: Bluebell SeedPink: Bottle of MedicineYellow: Buttercup Flower, BuzzlegumOrange: Venus Pinata FlowerPink: Bottle of MedicineLavendar: Gem Tree Seed, CamelloPink: Water Lily SeedOrange: Jack-o-LanternBlue: Bluebell Seed, CandaryBlue: Bluebell FlowerGreen: Gooseberry FoolPink: Water Lily Seed, CherrapinBlue: Blueberry MuffinYellow: HoneyGreen: Gooseberry, ChewnicornBlue: Bluebell FlowerPink: Water Lily SeedYellow: Corn, ChippopatamusPurple: JamPink: Water Lily SeedYellow/Green: Mushroom, ChocstrichOrange: Tiger Lily FlowerPink: MedicineBlue: Blueberry Muffin, CinnamonkeyPink: Water Lily FlowerPurple: Blackberry SeedRed: Chili, ClucklesBlue: Bluebell SeedGreen: Oak Tree SeedPink: Bottle of Medicine, CocoadileBlue: Bluebell FlowerPink: Water Lily SeedYellow: Buttercup Seed, CrowlaBlue: Bluebell SeedOrange: Bird of Paradise FlowerPink: Water Lily Flower, CustaceanWhite: Orchid FlowerPurple: JamOrange: Mushroom, DoenutGreen: Oak SeedOrange: CornPurple: Gooseberry Fool, DragumflyBlue: Bluebell SeedGreen: Poison Ivy FlowerOrange: Pumpkin, EaglairBlue: Bluebell SeedWhite: MilkYellow: Buttercup Seed, ElephanillaBlue: Bluebell FlowerOrange: Buttercup FlowerRed: Poppy Seed, FizzlybearGreen: Watercress SeedOrange/Pink: CarrotYellow: Sunflower Seed, FlapyakBlue: BlueberryRed: ChiliGreen: Watercress Flower, FourheadsBlue: Bluebell FlowerPink: Bottle of MedicineYellow: Honey, FudgehogBlue: Bluebell seedGreen: Poison Ivy FlowerRed: Chili, GalagoogooGreen: Poison Ivy FlowerPurple: BreadYellow: Sunflower Flower, GeckieOrange: PumpkinPink: Cactus FlowerBlue: Fireweed Flower, GoobaaBlack: Tulip SeedBlue: Bluebell FlowerPink: Water Lily Seed, HoghurtYellow: Buttercup FlowerBlack: Tulip FlowerOrange: Carrot, HootyfruityGreen: GooseberryPink: Water Lily SeedOrange: Carrot Seed, HorstachioBlue: Bluebell FlowerGreen: Watercress FlowerRed: Chili Seed, JameleonBlue: Bluebell SeedRed: Carrot CakeWhite: Orchid Flower, JeliPink: MedicineYellow: Sunflower FlowerBlue: Blueberry Muffin, JuicygooseGreen: Oak SeedPink/Orange: Water Lily SeedYellow: Banana, KittyflossBlue: Bluebell FlowerPink: Bottle of MedicinePink: Water Lily Flower, LackatoadBlue: Bluebell FlowerPink: Water Lily SeedYellow: Banana Seed, LemmoningBlue: Bluebell FlowerGreen: Pea PodOrange: Tiger Lily Flower, LickatoadGreen: GooseberryBlue: Bluebell SeedRed: Apple, LimeocerosBlue: Bluebell FlowerPink: Cactus FlowerYellow: Cheese, MacaracoonBlue: Bluebell SeedPink: Water Lily SeedYellow: Mushroom, MallowolfBlue: Bluebell SeedPink: Water Lily SeedPurple: Blackberry, MoojooGreen: Watercress FlowerBlue: Bluebell FlowerYellow: Buttercup Flower, MoozipanPink: Snapdragon SeedWhite: SandwichYellow: Banana Seed, MothdropBlue/Orange: TurnipGreen/Red: Watercress FlowerYellow: Daisy Flower, MousemallowGreen: Daisy FlowerBlue: Bluebell FlowerYellow: Cheese, NewtgatBlue: Bluebell FlowerOrange: Bird of Paradise FlowerPink: Water Lily Seed, ParmadilloWhite: Hemlock FlowerPink: MedicineYellow: Banana, ParryboBlue: Bluebell FlowerOrange: Venus Pinata FlowerYellow/Green: Cheese, PeckanmixGreen: Gooseberry FoolOrange: Pumpkin SeedWhite: Wool, PengumYellow: CornPurple: TurnipRed: Poppy Flower, PieenaOrange: OrangeBlue: BlueberryPurple: Blackberry, PigxieBlue: Bluebell SeedFuchsia: Poppy FlowerGreen: Gooseberry Fool, Pololly BearYellow: Dandelion FlowerPink: Water Lily FlowerGreen: Gooseberry, PonockyBlue: Bluebell SeedPink: Water Lily FlowerWhite: Bread, PretztailBlue: Bluebell FlowerGreen: Gooseberry FoolPink: Water Lily Flower, ProfitamoleGreen: Watercress FlowerPink: Water Lily SeedBlue: Nightshade Seed, PudgeonBlue: Bluebell FlowerGreen: Gooseberry SeedPurple: Blackberry Jam, QuackberryBlue: Bluebell SeedOrange: Bird of Paradise SeedPink: Water Lily Flower, RaisantPink: Water Lily FlowerPurple: BlackberryYellow: Sunflower Flower, RashberryGreen: Watercress SeedPurple: Nightshade BerryRed: Poppy Seed, ReddhottBlue: Bluebell SeedPink: Water Lily FlowerRed: Carrot Cake, RoarioBlue: Bluebell SeedPink: Bottle of MedicineYellow: Sunflower Seed, RobeanBlue: Fireweed FlowerGreen: Gooseberry FoolOrange: Carrot, S'morepionWhite: MilkOrange: Jack-o-lanternPink: Cactus Flower, SarsgorillaRed: AppleWhite: BoneGreen: Pea Soup, SalamangoGreen: GooseberryWhite: MilkYellow: Banana, ShellybeanBlue: Bluebell FlowerGreen: GooseberryYellow: Corn, SherbatBlue: Bluebell FlowerRed: Chili SeedYellow: Sunflower Seed, SmelbaRed: ChiliBlue: Fireweed FlowerPurple: Jam, SparrowmintGreen: Watercress FlowerPink: Water Lily FlowerPurple: Thistle Flower, SquazzilGreen: Watercress SeedPink: Water Lily SeedPurple: Snapdragon Flower, SwananaGreen: Gooseberry SeedPink: Bottle of MedicinePurple: Snapdragon Flower, SweetleOrange: MarmaladeWhite: Snowdrop FlowerPink: Water Lily Seed, SweetoothPink: Bottle of MedicinePurple: Bluebell FlowerYellow: Sunflower Flower, SyrupentBlue: Bluebell SeedPink: Bottle of MedicineYellow: Buttercup Flower, TafflyGreen: Poison Ivy FlowerPurple: Blackberry SeedYellow: Buttercup Seed, TartridgeBlue: BlueberryOrange: Orange Tree SeedPink: Bottle of Medicine, TigermisuYellow: Banana SplitWhite: HorseradishPink: Water Lily Flower, TwingersnapPink: Bottle of MedicinePurple: Snapdragon SeedYellow: Venus Pinata Flower, VulchurroPink: Water Lily FlowerBlue: Bluebell SeedGreen: Pea Pod, WalruskGreen: Pea PodPurple: Snapdragon FlowerPink: Medicine, WhirlmGreen: Watercress SeedPurple: TurnipRed: Water Lily Seed, White FlutterscotchBlack: Tulip FlowerBlue: Bluebell FlowerBrown: BullrushGreen: Watercress FlowerOrange: Bird of Paradise FlowerPink: Water Lily FlowerPurple: Thistle FlowerRed: Poppy FlowerYellow: Buttercup Flower, ZumbugBlue: Bluebell SeedPink: Water Lily SeedYellow/Orange: Carrot Cake, Arocknid

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